Rear Impact

Tom Hanslmaier (AT)
5. 9. 23:30 – 24:00
6. 9. 21:45 – 22:15

“Rear Impact” is a performance that deals with human latitude for action when the machine isn’t the tool of the human being but rather the human being the instrument of the machine. What influence do new technologies have on the body and its faculties of perception, and what aesthetics are the results? Audience members see a fluid situation cut up by the stroboscope into individual stopaction images. The flowing movement of a head-on collision between a car and a motorcycle driven the performer comes across as a series of snapshots. A minimalist stage set and a stark lighting concept underscore the character of an extreme situation that audience members experience live. One of the areas of emphasis of Tom Hanslmaier’s creative activities as an artist is the confrontation with the biomechanical processes that go on in the human body, the incredible power and intensity that the body generates, and the forces that act upon the body when it’s in motion.

Performance&Concept: Tom Hanslmaier
Techniker: Martin Urstöger, Philipp Tengler, Thomas Rinner, Thomas Seiberl, Thomas Doppler
Sounddesign: Axel Wolph, Tom Kaser
Musik: Alex Joechtl, Flaer, Alexander Balanescu
Lichtdesign: Gerald Pappenberger
Stimme: Julia Noa Fischer
Regieassistenz: Christina Raab

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