[the next idea] Talks

3. 9 13:00 – 17:10

At this year‘s symposium, attendees will get an opportunity to hear about the individual works as well as to hear from a few of the people behind the concepts. They’ll go into detail about their individual approaches and discuss them with audience members. Here, the accent is on a lively process of exchange among participants.


  • 13:00 Introduction by Bernhard Böhm (AT)
    Project coordinator [the next idea]
  • 13:10 Frederik de Wilde (BE) – Hostage
    Winner of the [the next idea] voestalpine Art and Technology Grant 2010
    Studied fine arts (MA), audio-visual arts(MA) & followed a pre-education in architecture, concluded his studies with a post-graduate degree in new media, arts & design at TRANSMEDIA.
  • 14:10 Jonas Burki (CH) – Sun_D
    Winner of the [the next idea] voestalpine Art and Technology Grant 2007
    Dipl. Interaktionsleiter FH. Founded hiscompany SUN-D GmbH in 2008. Won the W.A. de Vigier Award in 2009.
  • 15:10 Niels Peter Flint (DK) – WonderWorldCompostdo
    Working in the field of design, art, architecture and sustainable development. His big passion is developing visions and projects for a prosperous sustainable future.
  • 16:10 Adam Zaretsky (NL) – Studiolab & Huub de Groot (NL)
    [the next idea] honorary mention 2010
    Adam Zaretsky is one of the founders of the newly developing vivoart movement. Pop-art artist and assemblagist, works with lost and found objects for sculpting. Huub de Groot works as scientist at the university of Leiden researching in the “Towards Biosolar Cells” program.

Moderation: Bernhard Böhm (AT), Project coordinator [the next idea]

Projektleitung Future Factory: Roland Haring (AT), Bernhard Böhm (AT)
Ausstellungsgestaltung: Gerald Priewasser (AT)

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