Reclaiming Space / ATW

2. 9. – 11. 9

The building complex on the grounds of the Tabakfabrik was the workplace of 19 Linz artists in early summer 2010. The artists conducted empirical research on the current state of these structures. Their works confront a wide range of issues including the cultural connotations of tobacco and smoking, working conditions prevailing in modern society, and the phenomenon of an architectural landmark building whose identity is in transition. A select few of these works are now on display at Campus.

Participating artists:
faxen (Clemens Mairhofer/Lucas Norer/Sebastian Six), Susanna Flock, Katharina Gruzei, Sini Havukainen, Kristina Kornmüller, Evelyn Kuntscher, Pamela Litzlbauer Agnes Miesenberger, Katharina Loidl, Marie-Therese Luger, Leonhard Müllner, Sandra Li Lian Obwegeser, Magdalena Piper, Antonia Prochaska/Karoline Rudolf, rnzlw, Vildan Turalic

Eine Kooperation zwischen Kunstuniversität Linz/Experimentelle und dem afo – architekturforum Oberösterreich unter der Leitung von David Moises; Koordination: Astrid Hager & Doris Prlić

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