Dancing Information

Akiko Hino (JP)
2.9. – 7.9.

“Dancing Information” is a media art that shows its participants what they and their friends are interested in on a common context. It works as a mirror that provides opportunities to discover hints for extending ones interest.

When a participant inputs his/her Twitter ID, photos uploaded by the participant are fetched from the Web and collaged in the shape of human. Then it starts dancing. Keywords surrounding the photos in the original web pages are aggregated and a topic of the moment is decided. If there are friends who are interested in the topic, one of them is chosen and his/her human shaped collage appears. Friends are found based on social relationships on Twitter. Photos that consist of a human shaped collage are selected based on the topic of the moment.

Throughout the experience of watching ones human shaped collage of photos, a participant expected to rediscover what he/she thought in the past. Furthermore, he/she may find something new from friends. Since information shown to the participant is selected based on his/her personal context, it is more likely to be triggers to broaden ones interest. “Dancing Information” is an approach to realize this in a joyful way.

Akiko Hino (Kyoto University), Yoichiro Hino and Norihiro Otsuki proceed this project. Akiko, as a chief creator, built the concept of “Dancing Information” and wrote the code of the visualization part. Yoichiro implemented the server side program and Norihiro worked as an adviser for the design part.

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