Desire for future, change, and how to admit failure

If it’s “too late to be a pessimist” (Yann Arthus-Bertrand), then how can we remain optimistic and sustain the urge to bring forth a future worth living? We’re currently experiencing numerous major miscarriages—environmental catastrophes, financial crises, seeming endless border disputes. At this symposium, experts in a wide array of fields will elaborate on and illustrate how to acknowledge errors and to use them as a source of motivation to implement change. The ambitious goal here is to mobilize oneself and others in order to courageously assume responsibility for a better future.

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4.9. 18:00-21:00
Location: Sky Loft, 3rd floor, Ars Electronica Center, Ars-Electronica-Straße-1, A-4040 Linz

  • 18:00  Symposium/Workshop Opening
  • Welcome
    • Prof. Arnold Picot (Münchner Kreis)
    • Dr. Christian Schoen and Dr. Serafine Lindemann (overtures-ZeitRäume)
    • Gerfried Stocker (Ars Electronica)
  • Lectures
    • Evolutionary Heritage: Decision processes, self repair of systems in uncertain environments, aspects of brain research
      Prof. Ernst Pöppel, psychologist and neuroscientist, LMU Munich
    • The Ignorance Society
      Prof. Daniel Innerarity, Professor of political and social philosophy at the University of the Basque Country, San Sebastian
  • 21:00  Conversation Dinner
    Each table will receive a subject concerning sustainability, admitting failure and change in our society and is asked to propose an implementation scenario. The results will be summarized and discussed next day.

5.9. 10:00-13:00
Location: Bau 2 EG

  • 10:00  Opening
    • Gerfried Stocker (Ars Electronica)
    • Introduction of overtures-ZeitRäume and the art projects
      Dr. Christian Schoen and Dr. Serafine Lindemann
    • How to Finance our Future
      Opening Prof. Arnold Picot
  • 10:15 Central Banks as Pushers of the Financial Crisis.
    Prof. Dr. Gunnar Heinsohn, sociologist and economist, University of Bremen
  • 11:00 Towards a Language for the economics of Economy.
    Dr. Viktor Winschel, Universität Mannheim, VWL Institut für Internationale Wirtschaftsbeziehungen
  • 11:30 Evolutionary Heritage: Decision processes, self repair of systems in uncertain environments, aspects of brain research
    Prof. Ernst Pöppel, psychologist and neuroscientist, LMU Munich
  • 12:00 Software Engineering: How to deal with failure.
    Prof. Dr. Bernd Brügge, computer scientist, TUM
  • 12:30 Guided acoustic Tour
    by sound artist Kalle Laar
    Engagement to our Future
    Dr. Christian Schoen and Dr. Serafine Lindemann, curators, Germany.
    Combine transdisciplinary experiences and art processes to gain knowledge. – Courage for active change and future through artists

5.9. 14:30-17:30
Location: Bau 1 OG 3

  • 14:30 Meeting point at „Never Ever“, project by Benjamin Bergmann
  • 15:00 Metro Crowd Financing for SMEs in underdeveloped metropolitan areas
    Stefan Doeblin, Network Economy AG
  • 15.20 Applications: How to Admit Failure!
    Prof. Dr. Han Brezet, Technical University Delft, Sustainable Design Program
  • 15:50 Manufactured Demand: What it means to grow a multi-billion Dollar industry around bottled water.
    Dr. Martin Richartz, computer scientist, Vodafone R&D Germany, Dr. Serafine Lindemann, curator, artcircolo
  • 16.10 Panel: Desire for Future, Change and how to admit Failure
    Benjamin Bergmann, Kalle Laar, Prof. Dr. Arnold Picot, Dr. Christian Schoen, Gerfried Stocker,Dr. Bernd Wiemann
    Video Including presentation of the results of the conversation dinner
  • 16:50 Science without error bars
    Dr. Wolf von Reden, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft HHI

The tuition for attending the entire symposium is 100€ (50€ for students, artists and seniors). This fee to cover production costs entitles you to admission to the workshop on Saturday (including dinner) as well as admission and participation on Sunday. Free admission for Festival Pass holders applies only to the panels on Sunday.

A project of Münchner Kreis, Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität München and the Technischen Universität München in cooperation with the Ars Electronica in line with the overtures-ZeitRäume series, a artcircolo pilotraum 01 project.

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