Bewegungen nach entfernten Orten

2. 9. – 7. 9.

With her special headphones, Christina Kubisch can detect electromagnetic fields that are normally hidden, amplify them and make them audible. The “Movements to Distant Places” installation consists of electromagnetic field recordings of transportation systems made during a trip through the northern Ruhr istrict in Germany. The Ruhrgebiet is a densely populated area of about 54 cities so close to each other that they almost seem to be one big megalopolis. Public transportation lines are essential to move between the cities: regional and high-speed trains, subways, busses and a complex network of highways. They emit a dense net of different sound layers. Kubisch acoustically reproduces this huge spider’s web in her multichannel installation.

Audiotechnik und Mastering: Eckehard Güther

This work was commissioned in the context of the project mapping the region for RUHR2010/European cultural capital 2010 by the sculpture museum of Marl and was presented there first in spring 2010.

Braun Tube Jazz Band

2. 9. – 7. 9. Exhibition
3. 9. – 6. 9. 13:00, 15:00, 17:00 Performance

Japanese experimental artist Ei Wada breathes new life into old TV picture tubes. He utilizes their electromagnetic properties to transform light into sound and back again. When he touches the screens, this triggers a fascinating audio & video performance in which his hands and his whole body serve as pseudo-antennas. The old-fashioned picture tube TVs and a video recorder become percussion instruments, light synthesizer and VJ/DJ equipment all rolled into one. Thus, devices that have lost their original function can be used in a new way.

Dies irae – Rembering 108 EB

2.9. – 7.9.

Four internal combustion engines hang from the ceiling, awaiting their resuscitation. They’ll be fired up only once during the festival and join their voices in a droning, exhaust-belching song of lamentation. A reminiscence of “108 EB – Chamber Music for Four Motors and Service Personnel,” the legendary project with which Hubert Lepka and Lawine Torren created a sensation in 1989.

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