Scenes & Structures

As the first festival of its kind, Ars Electronica has attracted a great deal of attention from the very beginning. This enthusiastic reception can be attributed to the festival’s pioneering role, one it still plays today, as well as to its function as an exchange for ideas and projects whose impact extends beyond the scope of the festival itself. Ars Electronica has continuously offered other festivals, initiatives and media art labs a setting in which to present their capabilities to a wider audience. Not as a program with a defined thematic structure, but rather as an open stage – as Scenes and Structures.

Ludic Interfaces

4. 9. 14:00 – 16:00, Bau 1 OG , in the exhibition area of Playful Interface Cultures

“Ludic Interfaces” is an R&D project subsidized by the European Union. Its aim is to develop a European Joint Master program at the Universities of Salford, Potsdam and the University of Arts Linz and the Politécnica de Valencia. Here, brief presentations will summarize the results of the second Full Partner Meeting.

Experimenta Media Arts

5. 9. 11:00 – 12:00
Bau 1 OG 3

Since 1986, Experimenta has transformed public spaces, exhibition venues and corporate environments into captivating, interactive and thought provoking destinations. From large-scale outdoor installations to intimate indoor exhibitions, the artworks shown worldwide are always evocative, intriguing and uniquely multi-sensory. Clare Needham (AUS) will present the recent activities and future projects of Experimenta Media Arts.

Leonardo Presentation

6. 9. 10:00 – 16:30
Kunstuniversität Linz
An event for media and art educators, teachers and researchers

An increasing need is manifested to develop new curricula informing innovative qualifications, institutional changes and new job profiles for media design esearch and education. The symposium is focused on the dual issues of interdisciplinary research in art, design, science and technology as well as relevant models of PhD degree development in these disciplines. The target is to inspire an open discussion by educators and the public on burning issues towards developing an international dialogue.

You will find the program on the webpage of the University of Arts Linz.

Coordinated by Nina Czegledy (Leonardo/ISAST) and Daniela Reimann, Kunstuniversität Linz, in collaboration with Angelika Plank, Head of the  Departments of Art Education and Media Design, University of Art and Industrial Design, Linz and in conjunction with Ars Electronica.

Black & Brunn

2. 9. – 10. 9.
Black Box Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
Galerie Brunnhofer, Linz, Austria

The two galleries from Linz and Copenhagen pool resources to present artists, whose works correspond with the theme REPAIR:

  • “Diary” 2010by Heath Bunting (GB)
  • “DamatsuMouse” 2007 by exnomo (JP)
  • “Democracy Illuminator v.2” 2010 by Mogens Jacobsen (DK)
  • “The volcano paintings” 2010 by Eduardo Kac (USA) (Foto für Website)
  • “Sign and Co-signs”  1977 by Manfred Mohr (USA/DE)
  • “Chaos Gestalt Struktur” 2005 by Frieder Nake (DE)
  • “Trip”  2008 by Jakub Nepras (CZ)
  • “Tomatoj” 2003 – Sicilian Cherry
  • “Tomato, silicon rubber, biomorph multiple” by Pomodoro Bolzano (DE)
  • “Kuben” 2010 by Jacob Sikker Remin (DK)
  • “Moment” 2008 by Jukihiro Taguchi (JP)
  • “Metaphor ” 2007 by Signe Vad (DK)
  • “Verbraucher” Multiple 2009 by Benjamin Zuber (DE)
  • “PB Ring” 1996 – Multiple by Pomodoro Bolzano (DE)

Jakub Nepras


ISEA Presentation

5. 9. 13:00 – 14:00

The International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) was founded in the Netherlands in 1988. It continues to be one of the most important events on the art and technology calendar with an academic symposium, exhibitions, workshops and performances. ISEA is a nomadic event and is hosted by different cities across the world. In August 2010, ISEA was staged in the RUHR region of Germany as part of European Capital of Culture. In 2011 it will be held in Istanbul and in 2012 in New Mexico. Chair of ISEA International Julianne Pierce (AU) will provide an update on current activities and future plans.

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