In the spirit of the 2014 Festival theme, C … what it takes to change, Ars Electronica has added a lot of new locations to this year’s lineup of venues. The Festival’s hub is right in the middle of downtown Linz—to be precise, a sector bounded by Herrenstraße (west), Spittelwiese (south) and Landstraße (east). The Sparkassengeviert marks the Festival City’s northernmost point.

To provide festivalgoers with an overview of and insights into this Festival City densely packed with artistic projects, presentations and installations, everyone’s cordially invited to take part in a wide-ranging Opening Parcours staged right at the outset on Thursday, September 4th beginning at 11 AM and continuing throughout the day. The tour starts at the Ars Electronica Center and proceeds across the Danube to Linz Art University and the Main Square, through the Sparkassa savings bank and into the Arkade shopping mall, onward to the OK Center for Contemporary Art, into the garden of the Bishop’s Residence, inside the Akademisches Gymnasium to CREATE YOUR WORLD, and concluding inside and in front of St. Mary’s Cathedral. The Opening Parcour’s itinerary includes all of the main Festival locations and offers plenty of opportunities for personal encounters with curators.

In accordance with the motto WE GUIDE YOU, themed tours will be offered throughout the Festival. Those who want to try something altogether new for a change can join the soundwalk SchuhzuGehör, an exclusively acoustic, peripatetic perusal of the Festival grounds.

Sonotopia takes the full measure of the acoustic qualities of Bischofshof on Herrengasse. During so-called sonic strolls, tour group participants can explore the historic architectural ensemble surrounding the bishop’s residence as a setting for fascinating tonal phenomena.

Opening Parcours
Kicking off the festival is an elaborate Opening Parcours presenting all projects and festival venues, and thus a perfect opportunity to get an overview and to meet & greet artists and curators.

SchuhzuGehör_path of awareness linz 2014
Depending of the kind of soles on walkers’ shoes and the composition of the surface they’re walking on, their particular gait produces a distinctive sound. Within Festival City, katrinem has marked out a Path of Awareness that makes walking in the city an intentional experience, and does so on multiple levels: motoric, acoustic, architectonic and atmospheric.

“Sonotopia,” a featured event in The Resounding City series, is an acoustic exploration of the historic Bishop’s Residence on Herrengasse. But NOTE: “Sonotopia” doesn’t stage a production at this venue; the premises themselves are the attraction. That’s the concept of Hörstadt. Nothing is invented; the point is to pay attention to what’s already there: the city as tonal space.

WE GUIDE YOU: Highlight Tour
Overview of the FestivalCity and C ... what it takes to change

WE GUIDE YOU: Change Tour
“What it takes to change” – This tour looks for different approaches all over the festival.

WE GUIDE YOU: Innovators Tour
How do entrepreneurs and experts see our global future? Come closer to the Future Innovators Summit.

WE GUIDE YOU: CyberArtsParcours
The 2014 CyberArts exhibition shows outstanding works submitted to the Prix Ars Electronica competition.

WE GUIDE YOU: Digital History Tour
Old and new technologies in context to each other and: How long does digital art exist?

WE GUIDE YOU: New Technologies Tour
What is possible in 2014? New technologies and interactive projects.

WE GUIDE YOU: Family Tour
Exciting tour for families with children – starts at Ars Electronica Center, leads into the u19 CREATE YOUR WORLD FestivalCity.

WE GUIDE YOU: Film and Animation Tour
From recent 3d animated films to alternative moving picture devices.

No goal, no focus just loads of ideas to think beyond.

WE GUIDE YOU: Community Parcours / tours for people with special needs
Tours for deaf as well as blind people. For all members of the respective community the participation is free.

WE GUIDE YOU: Community Parcours / Turkish, Serbo-Croatian, Romanian, Czech, Polish, Russian, Slovenian, Thai
Tours in the languages of Austrian minorities: Turkish, Serbo-Croatian, Romanian, Czech, Polish, Russian, Slovenian, and Thai. For all members of the respective community the participation is free.