arebyte Gallery, London

arebyte gallery is a London-based art organization which supports the development of contemporary artists working across emerging artforms.

Through our gallery space and affordable studio complex, we create thriving environments for artists to expand on their practices, explore collaborative working and meet new audiences. In October 2017, after three years in Hackney Wick, we relocated our gallery to brand new development, London City Island in Canning Town. Since its inception in 2013, our exhibition space has nurtured digital and participatory artforms through interdisciplinary dialogues. We commission cutting edge artists who bring new perspectives to digital culture by connecting emerging technology and art practices, and we curate participatory performative work by artists who push the boundaries of collaborative art-making.

Our artistic program provides empowering art experiences to local communities, art practitioners, and academics as well as the broader creative and tech sector.

Artists: Tom Ireland (UK), Laura Yuile (UK), Marc Blazel (UK), Stelios Ilchouk (CY), Eden Mitsenmacher (US), Christopher MacInnes (UK), Conor Brazier (UK), Will Kendrick (UK)


All pieces are courtesy of the artist


Other projects

Conor Brazier
Boundless Informant – 2018, Video, 1min 24sec

Laura Yuile
Inject with Life – 2017, Video, 5min 02sec

Eden Mitsenmacher, Rebecca Tritschler
HOW TO TURN YOUR BED INTO AN OFFICE! – 2017, Video, 2min10sec

Will Kendrick
We Tried, We Really Tried But In The End We Couldn’t Be Bothered
2017, Video, 0min 48sec


Tom Ireland’s practice is centered around broad notions of space, distance and the things that fill it. He is interested in what these things are, both physically and ideologically, and how they operate in our individual and collective understanding

Laura Yuile creates installations of object- and video-based works that speak to multiple senses and are often activated by performance. Her work explores notions of the domestic and the urban through the intimate (or public) matters of family or living together; personal care and household maintenance; wellness and well-being; and the effects of globalization upon living space.

Marc Blazel is a multidisciplinary artist specializing in video, illustration and web theory.

Stelios Ilchouk is a multidisciplinary artist with an interest in narrative and abstract illustration, sound-design and experimental film.

Eden Mitsenmacher combines performance, video and installation to take a critical yet engaging view of social, political and cultural issues.

Christopher MacInnes works across computer-generated animation, installation, sculpture, and computer programming, drawing on visual languages from consumer technology, the corporate web, and science fiction. Through the creation of immersive environments, he explores the heavy infrastructure of information-based cultures, contrasted against the glossy hyper-texture of our luxury-tech devices, articulating the practice and nature of being human in a simultaneously industrial and intangible environment.

Conor Brazier is interested in binaries, as a source of tension and investigation, a language, code or system of understanding. He is investigating the binary and politics of borders, the physical definition, transience or temporality of these spaces in relation to contemporary ideas of hybridity and in-betweenness.

Will Kendrick’s work is centered around post digital cultural methods of production and archiving, consistently referencing the collapse and parallels of time experienced in our hyper-saturated, connected experience.