Bildrecht, Wien

Bildrecht, the copyright agency representing 5,000 artists active in the segments of Fine Arts, Media Arts, Graphic Arts, Photography, Performance, Design and Architecture, performs a special cultural function: by acquiring and distributing royalties, offering support programs and awarding prizes it strengthens the livelihoods of artists.

Bildrecht also maintains four art spaces: Bildraum 01 and Bildraum 07 in Vienna, Bildraum Bodensee in Bregenz, and Bildraum Studio at Brotfabrik Wien. In addition to monthly changing exhibitions, its residency program and the participation at various art fairs, Bildrecht is a longstanding cooperation partner of Ars Electronica.

By contributing artist statements by Philipp Pess, Michaela Putz and Kathrin Stumreich during the festival and an exhibition of the Time’s Up artists’ collective taking place at the same time in Bildraum 07 in Vienna, Bildrecht exhibits art at the interface between digital art, technology and research.