The Beep Electronic Art Collection, Reus

The Beep Electronic Art Collection is a result of the patronage of the Ticnova Group. The objective is to be witness and agent of the transgression created at the intersection of Art, Science and Technology.

It is recognized not only for what it collects, but for how it does so; it has generated a new type of collectionism promoting programs of production, preservation and patronage of technological art, encouraging the debate around issues related to the introduction of new technologies in Art.


The proposal of the Beep Electronic Art Collection at Ars Electronica Festival is divided into two blocks. The Tycho; Test One installation by Paul Friedlander is the result of the ATA Program, in which the NewArtFoundation, Eurcat and Escofet have participated; an installation that reflects the complex immersive proposals of digital media.

The proposals of Eugenio Ampudia, Julius von Bismark and Benjamin Maus, as well as that of Daniel Canogar, artists who have received the ARCO-BEEP Electronic Art Award, are clear exponents of the type of work presented by the galleries, a reflection of the current market.