Would you like to attend the festival? Are you an artist who wants to exhibit his/her work here? Or how about joining our team? You’ll find answers to frequently asked questions here …

When and where does the festival take place? Opening Hours?

The Ars Electronica Festival runs from Thursday, September 6 to Monday, September 10, 2018 in Linz, Austria. The opening hours of the individual festival locations can be found on our Festival Map

When and where can I see the festival program?

The program of this year’s Ars Electronica includes more than 500 events and will be uploaded during the summer months. A first overview of the most important program formats can be found in the festival calendar.

When and where can I buy tickets?

An overview of our ticketing options is available at ars.electronica.art/error/tickets. You can purchase your ticket online or on site during the festival.

Are all festival venues barrier-free?

POSTCITY, the festival hotspot, and all other festival locations are, for the most part, accessible by people with handicaps. Nevertheless, because Ars Electronica is constantly coming up with extraordinary venues that were originally designed with other purposes in mind, it can occur that certain exhibition spaces are not barrier-free. Thank you for your understanding!

Is there a special program for groups?

We offer customized tours for large groups (20+ individuals). Send your request to festival@ars.electronica.art.

How do I get to Ars Electronica?

All festival locations are in Linz, and are accessible via public transit (streetcar, bus), by bicycle, or on foot. POSTCITY is on the grounds of Linz’s main railway station, so it’s easy to reach by train.

  • Traveling to Linz:
    • By Plane: Blue Danube Airport Linz (LNZ) is in Hörsching, 10 km outside of Linz. From the terminal, you can take a bus, train or taxi into the city.
    • By Train: Take the ÖBB or the Westbahn to Linz Hauptbahnhof. POSTCITY is located immediately adjacent to the train station.
    • By Bus: Long-distance busses stop very close to POSTCITY. For information about regional bus service, use these links: OÖVV, Fernbus FlixBus
  • In Linz:
    • Via Streetcar: The festival venues are conveniently located along Linz’s main streetcar axis. You can take all of Linz AG‘s streetcar lines: 1, 2, 3 and 4.
    • By Car: POSTCITY’s address is Bahnhofplatz 11, 4020 Linz, Austria. The best access route is Waldeggstraße (B 139). NOTE: There is no free parking on site! Thus, we recommend that you use one of the pay-to-park facilities nearby: Garage Bahnhof – Wissensturm Linz, Hauptbahnhof Parkdeck, Bahnhof Landesdienstleistungszentrum.

I need a letter of invitation!

If you need a formal invitation for your visa application or to present to a public institution, please contact us via e-mail to festival@ars.electronica.art.

What hotel accommodations can I book?

We recommend that you make reservations as soon as possible. For hotel information, click here: www.linztourismus.at.

A picture of me can be seen on (press) photos and videos shot at Ars Electronica!

Attendance at the festival constitutes your consent to be depicted on our photos and/or videos. Furthermore, you consent to the use of these photos and/or videos for advertising purposes by us and/or our partner institutions on radio and TV, in print media, books and catalogs, and online (on our website and on our social media channels). Moreover, you irrevocably consent to photomechanical duplication (film, DVD, Blue Ray, etc.) of those images without claim to compensation.

Do POSTCITY have house rules?

Yes, you can find further information in this PDF file: postcity_en.pdf

I’m an artist, and I’d like to exhibit my work at the festival.

Generally speaking, there’s no open call for the Ars Electronica Festival. All artistic programming decisions are made by the artistic director. Nevertheless, you can still propose your project:

  • Submit your project to the Prix Ars Electronica. The world-renowned media art competition is the primary source of works on display at the festival—among them, works that were not singled out for prize consideration! For entry info, click here: ars.electronica.art/prix.
  • If you don’t wish to enter you project or it doesn’t qualify for submission, then simply send us information about your work via e-mail to festival@ars.electronica.art

How do I become a member of the festival production crew?

To produce a festival of this magnitude every summer, Ars Electronica hires high-energy temps to pitch in on this huge effort. We seek project managers, project assistants, guides and technicians! Technicians with skills in media technology, using audio/video/lighting equipment, woodworking, metalworking or rigging electrical equipment are in particularly high demand! Please review our help wanted ads at ars.electronica.art/jobs or send your employment application to jobs@ars.electronica.art!

I need information for my scholarly work!

Ars Electronica maintains one of the world’s most extensive archives of digital media art over the last nearly 40 years: ars.electronica.art/error/archive.


Our publications are distributed by Hatje Cantz and are available both on site at the Ars Electronica Center and online at Amazon. You can also browse our online archive for our publications.


Do you have any further questions? Submit them via e-mail to festival@ars.electronica.art!