Farmers’ Market

BIO AUSTRIA, Oberösterreich (AT)

POSTCITY will be welcoming farmers on Saturday. In addition to sustainably produced foodstuffs, the focus is on alternative future agricultural scenarios in which technological innovations play an essential role. In organic agriculture, technology and machines are employed in an intelligent way. But organic farming also calls for people, since its very cornerstone is a feeling of closeness to humankind’s domesticated animals and our environment. Market visitors can buy organic foods directly from the producers and taste a whole smorgasbord of delicacies. This is also the perfect place to engage in informative conversations about healthy, sustainable nutrition.

Impressions of Farmers’ Market / BIO AUSTRIA, Oberösterreich (AT), Credit: tom mesic

BIO AUSTRIA Stands for Organic Quality from Austria

BIO AUSTRIA is an association that proprietors of organic farms can join. There are about 12,500 members, which means that more than half of all Austrian organic farms are part of this community.

As an association of organic farmers, BIO AUSTRIA advances the interests of its members domestically and abroad. BIO AUSTRIA is the go-to source of information for distributors, processors and media representatives, and also informs consumers about the advantages of organic farming and organic products. BIO AUSTRIA’s mission is to help develop agriculture for the good of our children, our environment, our farmers and our society.

Impressions of Farmers’ Market / BIO AUSTRIA, Oberösterreich (AT), Credit: tom mesic

High Organic Standards & Best Regional Quality

Organic farming produces high-quality products, and does so using methods that go easy on the environment. Pure water, healthy soil, climate protection and biodiversity are additional outcomes of organic farming that benefit all of us!

The entire organic production chain—from the farmer to the processor to the retailer—is checked and certified by an independent auditor at least once a year. And this is another big difference between organic products and other foodstuffs—when it says BIO AUSTRIA, you can really be sure!


Impressions of Farmers’ Market / BIO AUSTRIA, Oberösterreich (AT), Credit: tom mesic


Our farmers go that extra mile!

All BIO AUSTRIA member farms produce especially high-quality products since, in addition to complying with the EU’s regulations for organic foods, they fulfill the association’s even more stringent guidelines.

A few of the key additional provisions are:

  • The entire farming operation is organic, and not just a portion of it at one location, which is permitted by EU organic regulations. For instance, growing organic fruit while fattening swine through the use of conventional methods is prohibited at BIO AUSTRIA farms. Only in this way can a closed-loop production cycle function.
  • In the spirit of closed-loop production, feed and organic fertilizer are produced primarily on the premises. Purchases of additional feed are done in accordance with the BIO AUSTRIA Regional Model, whereby products from the region are always preferred.
  • When it comes to animal husbandry too, BIO AUSTRIA farms far exceed the requirements of Austria’s Federal Animal Protection Law and the EU’s organic regulations. More free-range time, larger pens, a correspondingly larger area-to-animal ratio, and mandatory pasture grazing for milk cows demonstrate the tremendous extent to which BIO AUSTRIA member farmers have the well-being of their animals at heart.
  • BIO AUSTRIA is the only organic farming association that mandates raising male chicks along with the females destined to become laying hens.
Impressions of Farmers’ Market / BIO AUSTRIA, Oberösterreich (AT), Credit: tom mesic

These and many other association guidelines assure that the quality of a BIO AUSTRIA product meets the high expectations of BIO AUSTRIA members, partner enterprises and consumers. That’s why more and more BIO AUSTRIA partner enterprises engaged in both processing and marketing prefer BIO AUSTRIA quality products.

You’re assured of BIO AUSTRIA quality when you see the BIO AUSTRIA logo!

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