Aerial Being

Yasuhiro Suzuki (JP)

Aerial Being has been produced in varying sizes ranging from 1 meter to 30 meters, inflated using air from numerous locations around the world. From something small on a molecular level to a vast size that encompasses the air within the atmosphere – it envisions as an ideal the manifestation of beings that are omnipresent and transcend scales perceivable by human beings. Kuuki which is the word for “air” in Japanese, harbors meanings such as the emotions of the people who are there as well as the atmosphere. While elusive and ephemeral, it is an ambiguous concept that at times can exert a highly dominant sense of power within society. Aerial Being is perhaps a mediating presence that while being something familiar can lead us to consider things we often are not particularly aware of. One realizes in the first place, that it is only natural for a balloon to inflate with air that is invisible to the eye – so much so, that no one today thinks of it as anything out of the ordinary.


Aerial Being / Yasuhiro Suzuki (JP), Credit: Ars Electronica / Martin Hieslmair


Maybe Aerial Being is like an afterimage, or traces of a presence that comes to our minds after leaving the place we had once seen with our eyes. It harbors the atmosphere of the place and invites the people who have gathered there to participate in its landscape. Blending into its surrounding environment due to its transparency, it serves to transform familiar places into a fresh scenery that extends beyond context and meaning.