Campus Exhibition: Kairos

CAFA Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing (CN)

Curator: Qiu Zhijie
Executive curator: Jo Wei

This exhibition aims to put on display the current state of art, science and technology (AST) education at the institution, where spontaneous change is underway, simultaneously at all CAFA‘s teaching departments. For some of those departments the point of departure is design thinking, while for others it is experimental art, international exchange, and so on. From teaching methods to creative practices, much is changing. This tells us that we have entered a new phase of integration: our goal is to flesh out and expand the concepts of media art, new media art, digital art and electronic art using ideas taken from the field of AST.

Campus Exhibition: Kairos / CAFA Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing (CN), Credit:

In turn, the creative young students at CAFA have something in common in how they approach artistic exploration: they have a great deal of information and their minds are always racing, but they usually lack the support of well-developed research institutions, meaning they have access only to relatively primitive methods for bringing to life what they have imagined. Their inherent vitality, however, together with China’s growing strength in the R&D field and a variety of venues in which to apply themselves, will enable them to carve out a new future filled with hope and surprise – and this is a Kairos moment.