Campus Exhibition: Log. Files. Stories from the Internet of Things

University of Art and Design, Linz, Visual Communication

Coordinators: Univ. Prof. Tina Frank (AT), Ass.Prof. DI (FH) Marianne Pührerfellner (AT), Barbara von Rechbach, MA (AT), Mag. David Lechner (AT)

Imagine this is the year 2030. The Internet of Things is in full swing and our world has developed into divergent social groups.

Log. Files. Stories from the Internet of Things, Credit:

In a two-week workshop, students considered everyday future situations in which networked devices take action, depending on different scenarios about data control and ownership. We wanted to know how the devices communicate with their users in order to make decisions of an action comprehensible and to reveal the hidden lives of IoT black boxes. The log files reveal possible connections with privacy, transparency and participation. Each individual project provides a lens to examine the social, ethical, and aesthetic implications of the interdependence of society and technology in the future era of connected things. The project is a showcase of connected objects in different scenarios, dealing with possible, preferable and undesirable futures. The projects investigate the hidden values and needs of artefacts and propose an alternative visual narration.

HEALTH SCAN 8.0 / Barbara Oppelt (AT), Sophia Wäger (AT), Credit: