Ben G. Fodor (HU/AT)

In a darkened exhibition space, a black cube equipped with special glass-optics projects lines and points of carmine-red laser light onto the space’s walls. Several of the points oscillate and move about randomly due to a hanging chromium steel sheet that’s spun by the air currents generated by installation visitors moving about the space. Fodor is also exhibiting images that were “painted” in his atelier with the laser tool used in the installation. The traces of the moving light were captured photographically through the use of time exposure. Sillyconductor, electronic musician from Bucharest, has created the accompanying sound installation.

Carmine/Ben G. Fodor (HU/AT), Credit: Ben G. Fodor

Fodor brilliantly employs this technique to create immaterial architectures consisting of lines and surfaces that open up a space of indeterminate dimensions. This cycle takes its place in Fodor’s artistic investigation of utopias and dystopias. His works in recent years have revolved around the sociopolitical question of new “utopian” horizons—a reinvention of utopian thinking.


Sillyconductor, Marcello Farabegoli Projects & ARCC