Infinite In-Between

Mojca Založnik (SI)

In the project Infinite In-Between the author discusses the intermediate field between objectified medical diagnosis and anomalies that avoid this enforced objectivity. The viewer observes the culture of cancer cells and the artist’s cells in incubators, which conventional diagnostic practice explores using standardized procedures, laid down by scientific protocols. On the basis of defined values, a grade is given to the aggressiveness of the cancer cells in the patient’s sample, in the case of the non-cancerous cells, the sample is analyzed using a flow cytometer. The test environment of the artistic project of monitoring cell cultures is carried out intuitively, using sound and focused beams of light that make perceptible something that is otherwise undetectable or uncatchable.

In quantum mechanics, it is accepted that measurement “does something” to the object being evaluated. In the scientific experiment “double-split experiment,” scientists confirmed that the atom acts differently if we view it. If the atom is not watched, it behaves as a wave and otherwise as a particle. This quantum paradox is also known in quantum biology, from which Založnik draws inspiration for the artistic layout, in which the visitor with his/her presence and perception impacts the development of cell culture.

Infinite In-Between/Mojca Založnik (SI), Credit: Miha Fras and Galerija Kapelica


Production: Kapelica Gallery / Kersnikova Institute 
Technical solutions: Kristijan Tkalec 
Programming: Blaž Berdnik, Matic Potočnik 
Light design: Jure Sajovic 
Acknowledgment: Maja Čemažar – Phd, Bsc Biol, Veronika Kloboves Prevodnik – Phd, MD, Mira Lavrič – lab technician, Simon Buček – Bsc Biochem 
Support: The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, The Department of Culture of the Municipality of Ljubljana