the weight of light

Martin Hesselmeier (DE), Andreas Muxel (AT)

Light, as we usually interpret it, is an element without mass and gravity. For the weight of light, dots of light appear to have mass, momentum and kinetic energy on physical paths. One simulates the expected behavior while the counterpart inverts gravity, causing us to experience a fictional space of light.

the weight of light / Martin Hesselmeier (DE), Andreas Muxel (AT), Credit:

The installation plays with our sense of reality and emphasizes the materiality of immaterial elements in a revolving reality which overcomes the dualism of “virtual” and “real.” Therefore the weight of light goes beyond what is expected; the matter of light traverses a re-interpretation of our known reality.

Each moving light dot is underlined by an auditive representation in the low-frequency range. Phenomena of standing sound waves and frequency interferences support the shape waved structure. This creates an immersive space where the movement of light is also represented by vibrational patterns of oscillating sound waves.


the weight of light by Martin Hesselmeier, Andreas Muxel

Physics engine development: Micha Thies