Gregor Göttfert (AT), Florian Kofler (IT)

The installation SPHERE is comprised of a 65cm (25.5 inch) orb. The shimmering sphere seems to hover in the darkness of the room. Optical sensors slowly circle the object, scanning and monitoring the environment like radar and projecting a transient image of time and space onto the phosphorescent surface of the globe.

Visitors and spectators become recognizable on the globe and with them the changed dimensionality of SPHERE: no longer is it just an image of purely spatial dimensions, but rather the factor of time, which manifests itself temporarily on the surface of the object through optical distortions and compressions. The slowly fading images offer a visual reflection on our very existence at the surface of a sphere.

SPHERE / Gregor Göttfert (AT), Florian Kofler (IT), Credit: vog.photo
SPHÄRE/Gregor Göttfert (AT), Florian Kofler (IT), Credit: Gregor Göttfert, Florian Kofler