Wirtschaftskammer Oberösterreich The 2018 Ars Electronica Festival is a meeting place and source of inspiration for all digitization experts and interested parties from Upper Austria’s economy. The WKOÖ–Economic Chamber of Upper Austria’s specialist group in management consulting, book keeping and IT and its members support the festival and look forward to many new impulses for domestic companies.

Join us during the Ars Electronica Festival at the daily “Spotlight Tours” in German and English through POSTCITY, let your children explore the festival in the “Kids Tours“, or join experts who will accompany you through the Ars Electronica Festival on various topics of the “Experts Tours“. With its “Community Parcours“, Ars Electronica also offers free guided tours through POSTCITY for people with special needs and the native languages of Austrian minorities. Additionally there are guided tours through the CyberArts exhibition in OK im OÖ Kulturquartier and through the Ars Electronica Center.

Overview of tours

Spotlight Tour in the POSTCITY

Accompany us through POSTCITY, the central venue of the 2018 Ars Electronica Festival at Linz Central Train Station. Together we discuss current issues in art, technology and society. On the basis of the works of many exciting artists we approach the theme of the festival "ERROR - the Art of Imperfection" from different perspectives.

Kids Tour in the POSTCITY

The Kids Tour guides children between 8 and 14 years through POSTCITY. Together we discover u19 - CREATE YOUR WORLD, the next generation future festival, and many other exciting places.

Group Tours at POSTCITY

You are welcome to book a guided tour with an individual programme and a duration of approx. 90 minutes.

Highlight Tour at Ars Electronica Center

If this is your first visit to the Museum of the Future or if you want to get an overview of all exhibition areas of the Ars Electronica Center, the Highlight Tour is just the thing for you.

Family Tour at Ars Electronica Center

An eventful journey for children and adults through the Ars Electronica Center, full of exciting thoughts about the future of our world.

CyberArts 2018 Tour

The tour takes you to the OK im OÖ Kulturquartier, where you can see the award-winning projects of 2018 Prix Ars Electronica in the CyberArts exhibition.

Expert Tour: ERROR - The Art of Imperfection

In this year’s theme exhibition ERROR – The Art of Imperfection, we are looking into the impact failure and fakes have on our society, our environment and the human being. Find unexpected paths through POSTCITY with Christl Baur (DE).

Expert Tour: ERROR - The Imperfection of Humanity

The Expert Tour with Isaac Monte (NL) and Susana Ballesteros – OPN Studio (ES) highlights works that are dealing with the topic of the transformation of humanity.

Expert Tour: ERROR - The Future Ecology

Robertina Šebjanič (SI) and Gjino Šutić (HR) will present the project aqua_forensic, which deals with the presence of anthropogenic (pharmaceutical) chemical pollutants – residues of human consumption and their effect on water habitats.

Expert Tour: ERROR - Who decides what the norm is?

This expert tour questions norms and dispositives that choreograph human coexistence. In particular, the importance of socio-economic and gender-related “digital divide” is explained in more detail by Ariana Dongus’ (DE).

Expert Tour: The Sound of ERROR

Hannes Franks (DE), project manager for performative formats at the Ars Electronica Festival, focuses on sound art in his expert tour.

Expert Tour: Art Market Initiative Tour 2018 / niio

Xuf Mils from the art platform niio will lead visitors through the rooms in a joint dialogue with Sebastian Sprenger (DE), the Gallery Spaces project coordinator.

Expert Tour: Digital Native Media Art - Campus Exhibition

An Expert tour through a collection of selected works from the Universities participating in Campus, guided by the coordinator of Campus Exhibition, Violeta Gil-Martinez (ES).

Expert Tour: Art & Space, Humanity in Space

Humans have remotely and directly begun exploring the solar system and beyond. Through scientific experimentation and constantly evolving technology, we are beginning to answer the many questions about space.

Expert Tour: Music Monday

The Sound Art Parcours "Music Monday" is a longstanding Ars Electronica tradition. The tour passes through the diversity and plurality of the relationship spaces of music / sound art and the media arts.

Expert Tour: Taking Care - Hexagram

The guided tour, led by the exhibition’s curator Anna Kerekes (HU/QC/CA), will provide you with a unique opportunity to get to know the artworks and artistic practices, namely research-creation within the Hexagram Network.

Expert Tour: Sonic Saturday

Media artist and composer Se-Lien Chuang (AT/TW) and professor Andreas Weixler (AT), director of the Computer Music Studio (CMS), give exciting insights into the Sonic Lab & the Computer Music Studio (CMS) at Anton Bruckner Private University.

Expert Tour: Interface Cultures

Students from Interface Cultures at University of Art and Design of Linz (AT) will take you through their exhibition. They present their projects, explain how they came into being and talk about the background of the works.

Expert Tour: Fragments of Socio-Political ERROR

The expert tour Fragments of Socio-Political ERROR with Kristina Maurer (AT) takes a critical look at forensic digital art and its methods of bringing these hidden layers to light.

Expert Tour: Himatsubushi – The Art of Killing Time

This part of the Himatsubushi exhibition questions the concept of "productivity" from various perspectives. "The Art of Killing Time" shows five key works dealing with the relationship between "active" and "relaxation" and the relationship between "solitude" and the "social group."

Expert Tour: STARTS - Art and Innovation Processes

Christiane Luible-Bär (DE), head of the department of Fashion & Technology at the Kunst Universität Linz, presents the projects of her students and discusses other works that deal with fashion in connection with technology. Florina Costamoling (AT) gives an introduction to the STARTS exhibition, whose projects are located at the interface of art, technology and science.

Featured Artist Guided Tour

A performance by Featured Artist Elisabeth Schimana (AT) as part of her exhibition "Hidden Alliances" at the LENTOS Art Museum.

Expert Tour: ERROR - The Mutation of Botanical Intelligence

The Expert Tour "The Mutation of Botanical Intelligence" explores the exciting question: To what extent should we mention that "error" is one of the driving forces of evolution? And where are the limits of our knowledge? What does this have to do with our environment and our perception?

Expert Tour: u19 - CREATE YOUR WORLD

Who decides what the next generation will be like in 20 years? Which technologies will we develop? Which artistic idea can be of use to us? u19 - CREATE YOUR WORLD PRIX 2018.

Pre-Opening Tour

For particularly interested visitors, selected festival locations along the Danube will already open their doors on September, 5th. The Lentos Art Museum, the Canadian Media Art Network Hexagram and the Ars Electronica Center are pleased to give initial insights into their exhibition program.

Expert Tour: Art Market Initiative Tour 2018 / Beep Electronic Art Collection

Vicente Matallana (ES) from the Beep Electronic Art Collection leads visitors through the rooms in a joint dialogue with Christl Baur (AT), curator of Gallery Spaces.

Community Parcours

With our Community Parcours we are happy to connect the local and international communities. Participation is free of charge!

Community Parcours: Inclusive

This inclusive tour for different needs will take you through the POSTCITY free of charge.

Community Parcours: Turkish

This tour will take you through the POSTCITY free of charge in Turkish language.

Community Parcours: Serbo-Croatian

This tour will take you through the POSTCITY free of charge in Serbo-Croatian language.

Community Parcours: Russian

This tour will take you through the POSTCITY free of charge in Russian language.

Community Parcours: Romanian

This tour will take you through the POSTCITY free of charge in Romanian language.

Community Parcours: Polish

This tour will take you through the POSTCITY free of charge in Polish language.

Community Parcours: Farsi

This tour will take you through the POSTCITY free of charge in Farsi language.

Community Parcours: Austrian Sign Language

This tour will take you through the POSTCITY free of charge in Austrian Sign Language.

Community Parcours: Italian

This tour will take you through the POSTCITY free of charge in Italian language.

Community Parcours: German as a foreign language

This tour will take you through the POSTCITY free of charge in German as a foreign language.

Community Parcours: Bulgarian

This tour will take you through the POSTCITY free of charge in Bulgarian language.

Community Parcours: Arabic

This tour will take you through the POSTCITY free of charge in Arabic language.