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'Claire Roudenko-Bertin Claire Roudenko-Bertin

One is touched by the mystical dimension in Claire Roudenko-Bertin's work.
Her Russion background and the strong necessity to make the invisible visible as an exterior and interior space are thus not strange.

The image is constantly evolving, driven by a matrix-like dynamic. Language also comes to bear in her work as an amalgam of different languages, in which science, informatics as well as art history can be found again.

We thus understand the importance of the notation introducing and accompanying each of the artist's works, especially in HAUPTKLAMMER. The following text has been composed from these signs forming the vital raw material of her work.

HAUPTKLAMMER consists of two parts, "le UMI" and "le SACRIFICE INFINITESIMAL DU MOTIF" which have to be united like two atoms in a molecule.
Martine Bour