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QuiQui's Giant Bounce

Concept:  Perttu Hämäläinen
Johanna Höysniemi
Date: 2006

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Project Credits
Teppo Rouvi
Laura Turkki


QuiQui, the little green dragon, is the darling of the Ars Electronica Center’s youngest visitors. Whoever collects the most objects together with QuiQui is the winner!

Unlike most computer games, QuiQui isn’t controlled via joystick or keyboard; instead, players have to use their voice and body. A webcam and a microphone serve as interfaces. The little dragon imitates the kids’ movements and breathes fire when it hears clapping.

The game is attuned to children’s physical development. The game designers also incorporated the results of pilot projects tested in schools and daycare centers. QuiQui helps youngsters develop coordination skills and balance.

QuiQui's Giant Bounce is a prizewinning computer game for kids age 4-9.
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