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Slot Machine Drawing

Concept:  Eisuke Kusachi
Junji Watanabe
Date: 2007

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Slot Machine Drawing
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Normally, when an artist draws a picture, he/she moves a brush, pencil or piece of chalk over a sheet of paper or canvas. But “Slot Machine Drawing” turns the world of graphic rendering on its head! Here, the background medium moves and the drawing instrument remains stationary.

A lever lets the installation visitor control the speed and direction of rotation of the digital background medium. A variety of drawing instrument are available to create many different effects—for instance, a stylus for drawing lines or a stamp to create repeating patterns. A particular challenge is combining simple forms with motion.

The “Slot Machine Drawing” demo software is compatible with all PC operating systems and can be downloaded from www.rollcanvas.org. The website which also features a gallery of illustrative examples.
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