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Casey Reas (US)

Ars Electronica Center - Museum der Zukunft
06.09. to 11.09. from 15:30

Interactive software: data modifications and flows are depicted by means of interweaving graphic lines that react directly when visitors touch them. The interaction with the environment gives rise to lines of movement that translate software codes into a graphically elaborated pictorial representation.

Tissue runs on the Responsive Window, a project developed by Joe Paradiso at MIT Media Lab.

Casey Reas (USA) is an associate professor at the newly established Interaction Design Institute Ivrea in northern Italy. With Ben Fry of the MIT Media Lab, he is currently developing "Processing", a platform for learning fundamentals of computer programming within the context of the media arts. Reas' work explores kinetic systems through diverse digital media including software art, prints, animation, installations, and responsive sculpture.

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