Province Expo in Friesach - Video Works
Province Expo in Friesach - Video Works

Landesausstellung Friesach - VR

Interactive exhibition design – Expo 2002 in Friesach as an example of the conception and design of exhibitions on the basis of virtual reality models.
The walk-through VR model of an exhibition concept served as the basis for the design of the Austrian Province of Carinthia’s Expo 2002 in Friesach.

In collaboration with Austrian architect Hans Hoffer, the staging of the visitor’s experience was worked out step by step on the basis of a model created with a game engine. The PC-based technology for generating virtual environments allows for the realistic depiction of architectural details and the integration of animation sequences to illustrate individual installations. This environment makes it possible to play through variations of the concept and to simulate the impact they will make on future visitors. One example is the simulation of the exhibition area’s various different acoustic zones, whereby an exact definition of the acoustic boundaries is possible even during the planning phase. Finally, the finished VR model provides the subcontractors responsible for infrastructure installation with information on the desired overall impression the finished product has been designed to make.

Andreas Jalsovec
Keyresearcher / Visualization

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