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Ars Electronica in Taiwan
  Ars Electronica in Taiwan

In Taichung, Taiwan, Ars Electronica and the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts are presenting an overview of 25 years of media art.

The show entitled “CLIMAX - the Highlight of Ars Electronica” will open on July 2. As the latest in a long line of international activities, this large-scale exhibition will be Ars Electronica’s Asian premiere.

press release: Ars Electronica in Taiwan (pdf / 212 KB)
details on projects (pdf / 173 KB)
statement Hsiao Ming-hsiang (pdf / 162 KB)
statement SeanHu (pdf / 219 KB)
statement Gerfried Stocker (pdf / 199 KB)
statement Christine Schoepf (pdf / 184 KB)
photo: Banlieue du Vide (jpg / 1.5 MB)
source: Thomas Köner
photo: an interactive poetic garden (jpg / 1.9 MB)
source: Ars Electronica Center
photo: Mooney (jpg / 1.1 MB)
source: Takehisa Mashimo, Satoshi Shibata, Akio Kamisato
photo: Music Bottles (jpg / 422 KB)
source: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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