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Konrad Becker
Artist & Creator
Symposium Participant


2007 Festival Festival 2007 Goodbye Privacy Symposium IV

2007 Festival Festival 2007 GSA: Black Helicopters above Linz

2007 Catalog Goodbye Privacy Public Space, Private Security and Strategic Communication

2003 Festival Radio FRO Conference Towards A Society Of Control?

1996 Catalog Memesis Synreal Systems

1995 Catalog Welcome To The Wired World Tronic Artcore Event

1995 Prix Ars Electronica 1995 Distinction t0 Public Netbase

1993 Catalog Genetic Art - Artificial Life Bar Code

1990 Catalog digitale Träume virtuelle Welten MINDMUSIC

1989 Catalog In the Network of Systems Phänomenologie der Synthese

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