Soft Bodies – International Performance Art Festival

The aim of the Soft Bodies Performance Art Festival is to bring together at a single location the tremendous diversity of approaches to and takes on performance art. The participating artists put their ideas into practice upon themselves and together with their audience at the same time. Thus, they work on and with the living subject, which creates space for many different points of view amidst this encounter.

Performance art is processual and ephemeral; moments of transcendence, experimentation, insight and spectacularly going down in flames are possible and desirable. The performances will be staged at different locations throughout the Tabakfabrik grounds. bb15 is the festival headquarters, and will also serve as a setting for discussion and presentation of previously staged performances.


03.09. 18:00 – 21:00
Time Location
Leo Devlin (IE) 18:00 Hof
Marta Bosowska (PL) 18:30 Event Space
Boris Nieslony (DE) 19:00 Hof
Sofia Greff (DE) 19:30 Event Space
Didi Bruckmayr (AT) 20:00 Hof
Christian Bedics (DE) 20:30 Hof
Faxen (AT) 20:30 Hof Bühne
04.09. 19:00 – 24:00
Time Location
Elisa Andessner (AT) 19:00 Hof
Hugh O’Donnell (IE) 19:30 Event Space
Alice Devisscher (BE) 20:15 Event Space
Stephen Dorothy (IE) 20:45 Event Space
Colm Clark (IE) 21:15 Event Space
Siegmar Aigner (AT) 21:45 Hof Bühne
noneon (AT) 22:15 Hof Bühne

Festival headquarters: bb15, Baumbachstraße 15, 4020 Linz. Dates & hours: September 3-6, 2010, 2-6 PM each day

Curators: Elisa Andessner (AT), Didi Bruckmayer (AT)
Produced jointly by the Ars Electronica Festival and bb15, the Linz offspace

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