Festival Nightline

Event Space:

23:00 Len (Backlab, AT) http://www.dancendancen.com
00:30 Rod (AT)
02:00 James Blake ( Hemlock Recordings / UK ) http://www.myspace.com/hemlocklondon
03:00 Dokta GC (AT) http://www.myspace.com/doktagc

23:00 Martin Klein (AT) http://www.myspace.com/djmartinklein
24:00 Ogris Debris – LIVE ( Affine Records / AT ) http://www.ogrisdebris.com/
01:00 Komaton – LIVE ( Cocoon / AT ) http://www.myspace.com/komatonmusic
02:00 Ewan Pearson ( Soma / K7 / Kompakt / DE )  http://www.ewanpearson.com
Visuals by Leonardo, Noii & Orjo (Backlab, AT) www.backlab.at

23:00 Daeque (AT) http://www.myspace.com/daeque
24:00 Innaseen – LIVE (AT) http://www.innaseen.com/
01:00 Mike Slott – LIVE (Lucky Me / US) http://www.myspace.com/mikeslottbeats
02:00 Abby Lee Tee (AT) http://www.myspace.com/djabillity
Visuals by Leonardo, Noii & Orjo (Backlab, AT) www.backlab.at

23:00 Mehmet Acuma (AT) www.myspace.com/mehmetacuma
24:00 Lena (AT) http://www.myspace.com/lenacontrust
01:00 Roland Appel (Sonar Kollektiv/Compost / DE) http://www.myspace.com/rolandappel
03:00 Uli Mayr (AT)

Kuratoren: Uli Mayr (AT), Joachim Knoll (AT)

Soft Bodies – International Performance Art Festival

The aim of the Soft Bodies Performance Art Festival is to bring together at a single location the tremendous diversity of approaches to and takes on performance art. The participating artists put their ideas into practice upon themselves and together with their audience at the same time. Thus, they work on and with the living subject, which creates space for many different points of view amidst this encounter.

Performance art is processual and ephemeral; moments of transcendence, experimentation, insight and spectacularly going down in flames are possible and desirable. The performances will be staged at different locations throughout the Tabakfabrik grounds. bb15 is the festival headquarters, and will also serve as a setting for discussion and presentation of previously staged performances.


03.09. 18:00 – 21:00
Time Location
Leo Devlin (IE) 18:00 Hof
Marta Bosowska (PL) 18:30 Event Space
Boris Nieslony (DE) 19:00 Hof
Sofia Greff (DE) 19:30 Event Space
Didi Bruckmayr (AT) 20:00 Hof
Christian Bedics (DE) 20:30 Hof
Faxen (AT) 20:30 Hof Bühne
04.09. 19:00 – 24:00
Time Location
Elisa Andessner (AT) 19:00 Hof
Hugh O’Donnell (IE) 19:30 Event Space
Alice Devisscher (BE) 20:15 Event Space
Stephen Dorothy (IE) 20:45 Event Space
Colm Clark (IE) 21:15 Event Space
Siegmar Aigner (AT) 21:45 Hof Bühne
noneon (AT) 22:15 Hof Bühne

Festival headquarters: bb15, Baumbachstraße 15, 4020 Linz. Dates & hours: September 3-6, 2010, 2-6 PM each day


Curators: Elisa Andessner (AT), Didi Bruckmayer (AT)
Produced jointly by the Ars Electronica Festival and bb15, the Linz offspace


Experiments in Crowd Gaming

Keep your eyes on the ball! This year, the balls will keep their eyes on you too. They know who touches them, they track social dynamics, and soon they will connect a local crowd to virtual crowds, via the cloud. crowd-2cloud is the next generation of large-scale physical crowd games. From one gigantic pleasure orb inspired by Woody Allen’s “Sleeper”, to hundreds of balls motion-captured with the latest technology, you will have the chance to play, experiment, and design your own games. Participants can experiment with the system, just bring your own laptop! We know how it will start, but it’s unpredictable how it will end.

Open Lab
Participants can experiment with our API to our motion capture balls in the dev space, and can sign up for slots in the event space to run their code in real-time on the big screen with the big balloons.

Open Demos
2. 9. – 6. 9. 13:00 – 15:00
Everybody is invited to try out the newest daily developments.

The Big Bounce
3. 9., 5.9., 6. 9. 21:30 – 22:00
ATTENTION: Performance at 4.9., 21:30-22:00 canceled!
Play the crowd2cloud team’s own games and the best of the new daily developments in this big show event.

NEWS: Sample code and API is already available online with simulator. Start coding in your bedroom already: http://crowd2cloud.org/code


Chris Bregler (US / DE), Sally Rosenthal (US), Kirill Smolskiy (US), Ian Spiro (US), Graham Taylor (CA), George Williams (US)

All Rights Reserved, 2010.
Imprint / Copyright