My husband and me, me and my wife

Nico Ferrando (AR) / presented by Edition Lammerhuber (AT)
2. 9. – 7. 9.

“My husband and me, me and my wife” is a series of photographs of twenty-five couples from different ages and ethnic groups. Some have been together their whole life, others just for a few months. Life-sized, in color and taken in a realistic fashion, the images will give you the impression that the models are standing in front of you. Naked and relaxed, they seem to be floating on the white background, almost levitating. Some of their body parts are interchanged, particularly those related to what is socially taken to define gender. “My husband and me, me and my wife” can be about identity, about marriage, about relationships, about genetics, about gender, about commitment, about the past, the present, maybe the future and definitely about love.

Nine Eyes of Google Street View

Jon Rafman (CA)
2. 9. – 7. 9.

Jon Rafman’s exhibit Nine Eyes of Google Street View celebrates Google’s technologies and critiques the consciousness it reflects at the same time. In the film, one man searches for his lost love through Google Street View and Google Earth. In a series of photographs based on pictures of Google Street View, Rafman reintroduces the human gaze and reasserts the uniqueness and importance of the individual.

Kalle Laar – Wherever you go I’ll be already there. Kleine Klänge

2.9. – 7.9.

Sound artist Kalle Laar investigates the ambient noises that surround us and that we consciously or unconsciously perceive. His “research work” focuses on the individual emotional connections evoked by sounds—and unaffected by visual elements.

In this installation, a seemingly empty room is occupied by sounds, tone by tone. These sounds are often on the very threshold of audibility, so that the visitor doesn’t always know whether he/she actually heard something and, if so, what and where. Nature intrudes. The sounds of everyday life. In relation to the installation space’s dimensions, they remain in miniature format, little tonal objects to be discovered, audible phenomena that, in their own way, surreptitiously take possession of this place.

A project from artcircolo in cooperation with pilotraum01
Curators: Serafine Lindemann (DE) and Christian Schoen (DE)

All Rights Reserved, 2010.
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