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10:00 Press Conference
12:00 Opening Campus Exhibitions
13:45 Opening ROBOT-ISM/ Japan Media Arts Festival
14:30 Worldpremiere of Ralf Schmerbergs new movie
16:00 Opening CyberArts 2010 Exhibition
17:30 Opening Sound Space
19:00 Repair Choir Main Square

Frozen Music

2.9. 20:30

That music and architecture have much in common was recognized by the great German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and philosophers Arthur Schopenhauer and Friedrich Wilhelm Schelling, who called architecture silent, solidified or frozen music. “Frozen Music” is the title of the event that kicks off this year’s Ars Electronica Festival and also marks the official reopening of Linz’s Tabakfabrik. This venue, a former tobacco processing plant that’s been closed since September 2009, is one of Austria’s most significant industrial landmarks. Artistic interventions, performances and sound & light shows staged in the facility’s inner courtyard will throw open imaginary doors and windows, and transport audience members deeper and deeper inside—into a world in which productivity is seemingly paralyzed but can still be perceived with all the senses.

Concerts & Performances

  • Dorian Concept (Affine Record / AT)
    Dorian Concept is interested in exploring the interface between digital and analogue music, composition, musical performance, and improvisation. His musical interests and compositions range from experimental electronic music to hip-hop, funk, and jazz.
  • Tim Exile (Warp / UK)
    Als Zeremonienmeister der Improvisation frickelt Tim Exile via Joystick die gegensätzlichsten Soundfragmente zusammen. Sein Kabarett aus Breakcore-Gewitter und Gabba-Ausflügen zieht durchaus unterschiedliche Gemüter an – ein Herz für Spontanität und Freigeist vorausgesetzt.
  • MRO: Maintenance, Repair and Operations
    GRIDUO: Alican Aktürk and Refik Anadol (TR) + NEITSCH: Sebastian Neitsch (DE)
    Visual Support: Efe Mert Kaya (TR)
    Sound Design: Tryek: Kerim Karaoglu (TR) and Johannes Schmidt (DE)
    Working in the fields of live video/audio performance and architectural photography, the duo is particularly interested in the relationship between architecture and media.

  • MRO: Maintenance, Repair and Operations LIVE feat. Tryek
    GRIDUO: Alican Aktürk and Refik Anadol (TR) + NEITSCH: Sebastian Neitsch (DE)
    Visual Support: Efe Mert Kaya (TR)
    3D-Animation: .AGA. Andreas Jalsovec (AT)
    Sound Design: Tryek: Kerim Karaoglu (TR) and Johannes Schmidt (DE)

  • Quantum
    Jemapur (JP) + Genki Ito (JP)
    Genki Ito’s visuals and Jemapur’s music take the audience on a tour through a microcosm of light and sound. Objects get broken down to their basic elements, the atoms smash into each other, fuse, and start to emit a dazzling light.
    Marco Palewicz (AT)
    Mit akustischen, mechanischen und elektronischen Klängen verfrachtet Marco Palewicz Raum und Zeit in eine neue und einzigartige Dimension. Erleben Sie die Geburt, das Leben und die Vergänglichkeit eines Raumes, der Weite und der Sehnsucht.
  • fade out
    Daito Manabe (JP) + Motoi Ishibashi (JP)
  • As an artist, I need to rest
    Sonia Cillari (IT)
  • Braun Tube Jazz Band
    Ei Wada (JP)
  • Reparatur-Chor / Repair Choir
  • – Experiments in Crowd Gaming
    Chris Bregler, Sally Rosenthal, Kirill Smolskiy
    Ian Spiro, Graham Taylor, George Williams (US)
  • System Jaquelinde
    Two girls, Hanna Priemetzhofer and Franziska Thurner, a lot of ideas and lively restlessness mixed together with a portion of talent in visual art. Instead of simply projecting pretty videowallpapers, they develop visuals corresponding with the live-shows, stage design and personality of the musicians by adding unique contents and styles. (Backlab Collective, AT)

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