Associated Program

The Ars Electronica Festival is, needless to say, not the only thing going on in Linz over these five days. Quite the contrary—there’s a lot happening at many cultural facilities and initiatives. The upshot is an extraordinarily interesting Associated Program of ancillary events. Every Ars Electronica festivalgoer is sure to find something to his or her liking. Check it out.

Girls on Wires

ModularSynthesizer workshop for girls mit with JessicaKert (Schneiders Laden Berlin)

Modular Music Days

In recent years modular synthesizer systems have not only been undergoing a revival, but the development of this form of sound generation is also being newly impelled and ranges from classical sound modules all the way to experimental approaches.

RAUMSCHIFF: Interacting Art

A play on artworks, works in process and working things out by doing – together. Through negotiation, juxtaposition, and re-contextualization, various works and non-works will be woven into an interface for the audience, built through interactive, textual and performative processes.