The u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD Future Festival of the Next Generation is a hotbed of ideas and a playground for the exchange of solutions, concepts and experiments focused of the future by young people under age 19. Amidst a colorful festival village set up, up-and-coming young artists, programmers and tinkerers can show how they see the world of tomorrow. Accordingly, youngsters aren’t just members of the audience; they’re also festival co-producers. You will find more information about the u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD Festival on ars.electronica.art/u19/festival.

u19 Ceremony

At the u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD Ceremony the prizewinners in the u19 category of the Prix Ars Electronica will be presented and honored. 15 projects will receive awards this year, including the Golden Nica of this category. This main prize goes to the computer game “Die Entscheidung” (“The Decision”) by Jonas Bodingbauer.

u19 Create Your World Festival

u19 CREATE YOUR WORLD Exhibition

“CREATE YOUR WORLD” is the motto of the Future Festival of the Next Generation. This festival-within-a-festival is a playground for exciting, unusual, funny and just plain young ideas. All those who come up with them have one thing in common: they’re under 19 years of age.

2. HelferInnenkonferenz: ZusammenHelfen in OÖ – Gemeinsam für geflüchtete Menschen

The Ars Electronica Festival will host the 2nd Conference of People Providing Aid to Refugees in the Province of Upper Austria in order to offer part-time volunteers and full-time staffers a setting in which to do networking, acquire information and exchange views. Wide-ranging input from experts and various workshops on subjects such as language, cultural understanding, work and training are meant to strengthen and motivate helpers as they carry on their efforts on behalf of refugees.

Mini Maker Faire Linz

Makers who love experimentation present their do-it-yourself projects on Sunday. Above all, this is about dialog: people can exchange their knowledge and experiences in speeches and workshops.

Quadcopter Flying School

Learn to pilot multi-rotor mini-copters and get a feel for what they’re capable of. Display your skills executing slick maneuvers through a tricky obstacle course. Along the way, you’ll find out a lot of interesting stuff about how these drones are being used in science, the military, art and entertainment.

Participation and Political Socialization in the Age of New Media

For several years now, new social media have been changing how people communicate and thus our everyday life. Especially among young people, these media now constitute a central part of their lived reality. Even our political discourse is increasingly conducted via Facebook, Twitter and similar platforms, which thus open up new forms of sociopolitical participation and socialization. The conference will confront this new reality and the challenges accompanying it, and scrutinize the impact of this development on political education.

Kids Tour

For youngsters between the ages of 8 and 14, we offer special tours through POSTCITY that venture far beyond the friendly confines of u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD, the festival for the next generation.