Ars Electronica is setting up a Drone Lab in POSTCITY as a customized setting for races, demos, performances and presentations that provide fascinating insights into current applications of drone technology. Festivalgoers will definitely not want to miss the sessions starring one of the top teams on the international racing scene: The XBlade Allstars’ quadcopters reach speeds of up to 140 km/h as they care en through a specially-constructed racetrack in the Gleishalle. On the next floor up in the Drone Lab, pilots will demonstrate maneuvering at a less breakneck tempo but a far higher degree of precision. The Drone Academy offers all comers the opportunity to get their own hot little hands on a drone’s steering console. Interesting speeches and demos by experts will brief festivalgoers on the spectrum of drone applications: the racing scene, search & rescue missions, film & photography assignments and even artistic performances. And the Ars Electronica Futurelab’s SPAXELS crew provides an overview of interesting developments in the drone field. “DRONE 100 – Spaxels over Linz” is a spectacular performance by unmanned aerial vehicles being staged by Ars Electronica and Intel™ on the evening of September 10th, 2016!

DRONE 100 – Spaxels over Linz

Ars Electronica and Intel present… On Saturday, September 10, 2016, 7:45 PM, immediately prior to the Klangwolke, these 100 unmanned aerial vehicles will ascend into the night sky above Linz and form spectacular illuminated figures. You’re cordially invited to Donaupark to experience this huge drone swarm’s European premiere!

Ars Electronica Opening

The Ars Electronica Opening is full of performances and concerts – the opening event to the Ars Electronica Festival 2016.

Drone Races / Performances

The XBlade Allstarts get Radical is one of the world’s fastest drone racing teams. During the festival, they’ll transform the Train Hall of the POSTCITY into an aerial racing arena. This futuristic spatial spectacle featuring flying objects traveling at up to 140 km/h blows away the boundary between speed sport and artistic performance.

Campus Opening

China’s history is awesome, full of tales and traditions passed down from time immemorial. How do students at Tsinghua University deal with this monumental cultural heritage when they approach it in terms of media art? Join the opening of the Campus Exhibition: Animate Worlds at the Linz Art University and watch a flight performance/intervention!

Ars Electronica DroneLab

From our home base, DroneLab in POSTCITY, we’ll embark on a fact-finding tour featuring projects, demos, races and airborne artistry, and providing insightful looks into the fascinating world of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Deep Space 8K: Intel DRONE 100

Ars Electronica and Intel present: “One rarely experiences moments in which it becomes crystal clear how important and rewarding it can be to defy all the naysayers, to steadfastly pursue a vision and to work unwaveringly for years to bring it to fruition.” That’s how Horst Hörtner, director of the Ars Electronica Futurelab, summarized what was going through his head when 100 drones took off in pursuit of a world record in November 2015. In Deep Space 8K he personally presents the DRONE 100 project.

Quadcopter Flying School

Learn to pilot multi-rotor mini-copters and get a feel for what they’re capable of. Display your skills executing slick maneuvers through a tricky obstacle course. Along the way, you’ll find out a lot of interesting stuff about how these drones are being used in science, the military, art and entertainment.

SPARKED: A Live Interaction Between Humans and Quadcopters

Verity Studios, ETH Zurich, and Cirque du Soleil have partnered to develop a short film featuring 10 quadcopters in a flying dance performance. The collaboration resulted in a unique, interactive choreography where humans and drones move in sync. Precise computer control allows for a large performance and movement vocabulary of the quadcopters and opens the door to many more applications in the future.