Ars Electronica focuses on issues of great current relevance in the fields of art, science and technology. This year’s festival theme, RADICAL ATOMS and the alchemists of our time is an effort to understand what these leading-edge scientists are up to and how they can contribute to changing our world.

Who are the alchemists of our time? While the world still has its hands full dealing with the Digital Revolution and the cultural and social transformations and challenges that it’s brought about, a young generation of scientists and creative engineers has set a course for new frontiers and is already at work amalgamating the disembodied world of digital data with the physical world of our bodies.

Throughout the Ars Electronica Festival’s run, we offer daily Highlight Tours through POSTCITY in German and English. Kids’ Tours are designed to provide young people with an enriching experience at the festival. Each day, experts will share their knowledge and offer insights into elements of the Festival. Delve into, and beyond, the theme “RADICAL ATOMS and the alchemists of our time. Discuss current theories on art, science and society. Be led, and find unexpected paths through POSTCITY. The Community Parcours consists of free-of-charge tours through POSTCITY for people with special needs, and tours conducted in the native languages of Austrian minorities.

HIGHLIGHT TOUR € 12 / € 8 for those entitled to a discount
KIDS TOUR € 8 for those entitled to a discount
EXPERTS TOUR € 16 / € 12 for those entitled to a discount

If you buy a Festival Pass or One-Day Pass you are entitled to one tour at no extra charge.

Multiple Tours in One Day: The tour schedule is structured to enable festivalgoers to conveniently take tours of POSTCITY, the Ars Electronica Center and Cyberarts exhibition in the OK in a single day. Our recommendations for between-tour intervals: a stop at the Mariendom and in CENTRAL where the Ars Electronica Animation Festival is being screened.

Guided Tours

Opening Tour with Gerfried Stocker

A series of openings will highlight Day 1 of the Ars Electronica Festival. Whoever wants to benefit from expert commentary along the way through the POSTCITY should definitely join the Opening Tour led by Ars Electronica Artistic Director Gerfried Stocker.

SHADES TOURS: Guided by the homeless

Discover another side of life and go on a tour guided by a homeless person! Discover the multiple shades of homelessness: the challenges, social services and stories of living and surviving on the street.

Highlight Tour

Join us on a tour through the POSTCITY, the main festival venue of the 2016 Ars Electronica Festival, situated amidst the main train station’s yard. Besides sightseeing, we’ll be facing some highly topical issues at the nexus of art, technology and society.

Kids Tour

For youngsters between the ages of 8 and 14, we offer special tours through POSTCITY that venture far beyond the friendly confines of u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD, the festival for the next generation.

Highlight Tour Ars Electronica Center

In addition to the highlights of the Museum of the Future including the Deep Space 8K, this tour spotlights “Radical Atoms,” an exhibition that premiered at the 2016 Ars Electronica Festival.

CyberArts 2016 Tour

Join the tour through the Cyberarts exhibition in the OK im OÖ Kulturquartier that showcases works singled out for recognition by the Prix Ars Electronica.

Experts Tour: Postal Logistics Today

The Austrian Postal Service’s Alhaming logistics center that replaced the facility in downtown Linz in 2015 is considered one of Europe’s most modern. How are letters and parcels delivered today? Take a tour of Alhaming, 20 kilometers southwest of Linz, and find out.

Experts Tour: Fremde Freunde – Global Village

Together with Joan Bairam you will get to know and discuss projects at POSTCITY that were realized by refugees or deal with the internationally relevant topic of escape, prosecution and displacement. Especially the social dimensions of forming communities, mixing cultures, looking for and finding an identity will be focused in this tour. These concerns can be found in many artistic and documentary projects throughout the festival.


Scientists of the Tangible Media Group of MIT Medialab will have a look around POSTCITY and introduce to you – additionally to the symposia about the topic of RADICAL ATOMS – projects and artistic ideas that already incorporate the theory of RADICAL ATOMS.

Experts Tour: POSTCITY Sounds

Familiarize yourself with Werner Jauk on the way through the POST City, where you can experience through auditory installations that music is not just sound – but interpreted above all a perception and thought process that formalizes into sound.

Experts Tour: Bio Hacking presented by the Gynepunks

Explore how we will be able to alter and extend our bodies and those of other life forms – get an insight and learn how to use open source technologies in this field – learn from Paula Pin, member of Pechblenda, transhackfeminist Hardware Lab.

Experts Tour: Urban Ecology

Explore the vegetation on the roof of the POST CITY by biologist Friedrich Schwarz and learn from him about the rich ecosystem of the city.You will be amazed!

Experts Tour: Gaming and Virtual Reality

Travel through the POSTCITY with video game expert and collector Andranik Ghalustians (GameStage@u19). Through space and time you will get to know the history of video games and finally reach the workd today and try VR glasses to learn more about Virtual Reality Technologies.

Community Parcours / ÖGS

This tour in Austrian Sign Language (ÖGS) introduces you in this year’s festival theme RADICAL ATOMS and the alchemists of our time.

Group Tours

You can custom-design a guided tour of your own. It can start at any time from 10 AM to 5:30 PM, and takes 90 minutes. A tour for a group of up to 20 personas costs €140. Reservation deadline is September 5th, 2016. To make a reservation, send an e-mail to tickets@aec.at.