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arc/sec Lab for Digital Spatial Operations

Credit: Carol Brown

University of Auckland (NZ)

The arc/sec Lab for Digital Spatial Operations is led by Assoc. Prof. Uwe Rieger at School of Architecture and Planning at the University of Auckland. The lab explores digital matter as a new form of construction material.

The interdisciplinary research is based on experiential investigations. The results are presented in form of experimental prototypes such as LightScale II or lead to professional creative projects such as SINGULARITY, which was developed with the choreographer and Assoc. Prof. Carol Brown.

LightScale II

Like a giant whale LightScale II floats through a virtual ocean, materializing environments, events and user interactions. The installation generates a tactile data experience through 3D projections onto multi-layered gauze surfaces.


SINGULARITY blends data, dance, music and architecture in an immersive performance that transports audiences into spaces of awe and delight. Large 3D holographic constructions appear interactively in space. The set-up combines a live-render program with motion-tracking cameras and triangulated projectors illuminating haze particles.