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The Future Festival of the Next Generation

Once again this year, the “festival within the festival” is an invitation to experiment and try out new things. At u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD, festival vistors can test new technologies, uncommon models for living, or concepts and ideas in this open lab. Everyone can decide for themselves how much time they want to devote to a project—whether it is only five minutes or a whole day. There a lot to experience and discover throughout the festival village. Artists, associations and companies make up the dramatis personae of this playground, where we can immerse ourselves in the world of tomorrow. This is the perfect spot for tinkerers, lateral thinkers and people with a thirst for knowledge! Read more about u19…

Mini Maker Faire Linz

Makers who love experimentation present their do-it-yourself projects on Sunday. Above all, this is about dialog: people can exchange their knowledge and experiences in speeches and workshops.

Zukunftsperspektiven: eine Frage des Geldes?

Was hat das Leben eines Steuerflüchtlings mit dem eines Kriegsflüchtlings zu tun? In der Ausstellung erhalten die handelnden Personen ein Gesicht. Ihre inneren Monologe bilden den Ausgangspunkt, um über Verteilungsgerechtigkeit und Zukunftsperspektiven nachzudenken.


Nonvisual-art is an image that is simultaneously visible and invisible. Cellophane foils and air bubbles trapped in a layer of adhesive refract in a highly artistic way the light shone onto them.


Experience Workshop devotes its full program to children’s views on the robotification of society. Participating children can design, build and program the robot they need the most. By the end of the day we might have robots that go to school, do the homework and pass the exams.

NERVE – Lessons on Demand 

NERVE – Lessons on Demand is an up-to-date Web platform developed by Clemens Großberger and Thomas Übelacker. Their aim: Providing online access to previous classroom instruction that a student wishes to review.

The Unintelligent Machine

The Youth Exchange Project is a workshop that will be held in POSTCITY throughout the festival’s run together with groups of youngsters from other countries. Joseph Herscher is the artist who will be working together with young people to develop the language of the so-called unintelligent machine.

Music Summit

Music Summit provides the opportunity for common discussion on the future of young musicians. This event is supposed to be a starting shot for a multi-year and sustainable pilot project.

Cognition Schöffer

Cognition Schöffer is an abstract interactive mobil sculpture, dedicated to the pioneer of cybernetic art, Nicholas Schöffer.

Mitwachsende Armprothese

To start out, the various technologies used in existing 3D-printed arm prostheses were compared. In this phase of the project, a lively exchange of ideas via social media with prosthesis developers in Spain and the USA was of great importance.

construction site of perspectives

At a construction site everything should run fluently, to work most effective. But what if the machines get their own ideas and start to play?

Me/You/Us + AI

This lab encourages you to explore this by “coding” your body (and others) to perform a series of interactive, collaborative, and highly playful instructions, using lo-fi and low-tech materials. Get ready to transform into smart machines.

I + I = #Who?

Reality, fiction, wishful thinking?! Who am I; who can I be? We take selfies to place ourselves in the middle of the picture. How can I feature myself? How would I like to?

Insight Inside

During a live remote hookup to the MRT laboratory, we’ll get a close-up look at an MR scanner and its functions, and get answers to our questions about them. We’ll scan a piece of fruit to examine its interior structures without cutting it open.

Rubik’s Cube Solver

Through the use of a smartphone camera’s object & color recognition capabilities, this app can automatically register the composition of a Rubik’s Cube.

Die Fahnen hoch?

In “Die Fahnen Hoch?”, I’ve endeavored to deal critically with the mass gatherings staged by the Nazis. I oriented my approach on Leni Riefenstahl’s 1934 propaganda film Triumph of the Will.


Using various animation techniques we engaged under the professional guidance of MUKATO (Muzak, Karoline Riha and Thomas Renoldner) in a very intensive, physically strenuous but fascinating and ultimately pleasurable production process that brought forth Emoticon.


The Hexapod is a spider-like robot. Its research objective is to demonstrate the trainability of biomechanical processes in neuronal networks. Thanks to object recognition capabilities, the robot can navigate independently in it field of deployment and execute tasks.

FABLAB – Printing, Drawing, Cutting

Whether you’re interested in trimming textiles with a huge laser cutter, using a CNC milling machine, or simply assembling structures from a variety of materials, the FabLab at this year’s u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD offers do-it-yourself projects you can try out right on the festival grounds.


At the “Holodeck” you can try out the newest VR-technology and learn about the huge number of functions and possibilities.

The Perspective Machine

Better, simpler and faster, above all, faster. This development has come to prevail in our society. It is already taken for granted that we do not particularly like waiting for answers and results.


The Composing Lab offers a look at current practices in the musical creativity process. Computers running both notation & digital audio workstation software display their respective capabilities and limitations.

Radio FM4 – mobile studio

In addition to live broadcasts direct from the Postcity festival venue, FM4 is staging a mobile radio studio, an opportunity for festival visitors to see what goes into an actual radio production.

Come, Build With Us!

We are inviting everyone to come and build interactive visuals with us. Anyone can collaborate either by coding with us directly or simply by giving us input on what they would like to see.

Festival Documentary – Live!

Here, you can be the director, operate the camera, or simply hang around and see how a documentary takes shape. Questions are welcome!


This is a joint project by the crafts & trades guilds of Hittisau-Sibratsgfäll and Riefensberg-Krumbach together with the Hittisau Intermediate School. The aim is to encourage qualified youngsters to pursue a career in the crafts & trades and to help students find the occupation that’s right for them.


CoderDojo Linz is a free, volunteer-led programming club for kids. In CoderDojo, young coders discover technology, learn to write code, develop their first websites, create apps and games etc.

Chinese whispers

This digital activity project by Linz Art University’s Art Education program invites visitors to become interactive players of a popular game.

Changing Pixels

How does an artificial intelligence actually process graphic information? Here the arrangement of countless quadratic pixels can be tried out the other way round.


In this open lab’s Gamestation, you can play your own adventure games, and on the RasPi Station, you can try out old Nintendo and Playstation games on a DIY console constructed with Makey Makey.

Arduino Reload

In this open lab you have the chance to build a motor-controlled drumstick. We will show you how to assemble the parts and program an Arduino microcontroller.


This open and interactive workshop invites creative minds of all ages to enter a collaborative universe of animated light paintings.


The ZusammenKommenLab supports diversity and brings together refugees, voluntary workers and experts. Here you will find projects and ideas concerning refugees and integration and an exchange of experiences.


The Zukunftswerkstatt (FutureWorkshop) is the place to produce your own short films, reportage, blogs and animated clips. From brainstorming to shooting to editing to presenting the final cut—crews work together to bring a project to fruition.

Symposiumsreihe Perspektiven Politischer Bildung

„Ich mach’ mir die Welt, widiwidiwie sie mir gefällt …“ sang Pippi Langstrumpf in der legendären TV-Kinderserie der 60er- und 70er-Jahre des vorigen Jahrhunderts. Wie geht es Kindern, Jugendlichen, aber auch Erwachsenen heute, die in einer globalisierten und digitalisierten Welt aufwach(s)en?


Tinkerbots is a unique construction kit that makes it simple for kids of all ages to build and operate countless different robots. The kit consists of active modules and passive components.

Emergency Exit

Emergency Exit is a film about escape. It was produced with a 360° camera and thus conceived for virtual reality glasses. It’s the account of a protagonist who, due to social pressure, flees from her reality into the reality of her computer games.

Tagtool Launch Event

OMAi is very happy to invite you to the launch event for the new Tagtool app! It takes place on the opening day of Ars Electronica Festival on Thursday September 7th, 6pm at Central in Linz, and entry is free.


The idea behind CamCar is the development of a camera dolly that’s compatible with all types of cameras (e.g. single-lens reflex cameras).


3D or stereoscopy is a widespread technique in cinema to visually immerse the audience. Nevertheless, the technology does not seem to be being used to create more immersive stories. Stereonarrativity is an attempt at an artistic use of 3D technology.

BNC – The Amazing Coco Girls

In a three-day animation film workshop offered by the Media High School at BORG15, this crew used a cut-out technique to produce BNC – The Amazing Coco Girls.

Big Poop Data (.com)

The purveyors of Big Poop Data intend this as a critical commentary on the increasingly pervasive obsession with digital data-gathering, and as an appeal to safeguard our digital privacy.

FM4 Spielekammerl live at Ars Electronica Festival

Since March 2017 Radio FM4 has its own gaming show on The FM4 Spielekammerl-Show. At Ars Electronica Festival, the FM4 games team will do its first ever shows outside of their Viennese headquarter.

You are President

You are President is a game in which the player is the head of government of a fictitious country. His decisions have an impact on six factors: diplomacy, the economy, the budget, popularity among the citizenry, the environment, and the armed forces. The object of the game is to successfully take actions to effectively manage the affairs of state. All of these factors are reflected by scores, which the player’s various decisions can influence either positively or negatively.


RoboCar is an initiative to spotlight some trendy, cool technology to make young people aware of what is happening now and what future prospects are emerging in the ICT (IT, communication and technology) sector.

Point of View

In contrast to the rest of the u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD festival, where lots of things can be tried out in open labs or learned in one-on-one conversations, there is stuff here that can be discovered only by careful examination and doesn’t come to light until you’re prepared to change your point of view.

AI Music

Innovative 3D-printing technology is used to make the robot safe to play music with: As a true virtuoso, the robot is focused on its music rather than the people around it, so we have it wear a soft, inflatable, AirSkin that was custom-fit through 3D-printing.


PSE-Lernspiele (PSE Learning Games) are fun ways to learn about the periodic table of the elements. The games involve cards, dice, atomic models, and other playful ideas. They’re for teachers to use in classroom instruction and for pupils as an enjoyable extracurricular learning tool.

Ninja Training

In the film “Ninja Training” by Jonathan Wimmer, a big Lego fan, a boy who wants to become a ninja has to learn various fighting techniques.

Show your character

Show Your Character is a project by students in David Panhofer’s course in Media-based Image Processing at the HBLA–High School for Artistic Design. The class spent a whole semester working on character design, whereby the assignment was for each character to embody three qualities selected at random.


This music video for a rap song entitled Thaiboxbrüderschaft (Thai Boxing Brotherhood), which was composed and produced by the project team themselves, is actually a gangster rap parody.

Point of View Lab

Walls and ceilings throughout PostCity are adorned with examples of anamorphosis, graphics that, at first glance, seem to be nothing more than arbitrary blotches of color. At the Painting Station, festivalgoers can get hands-on experience creating these distortions.

Schwarze Weg, Weiße Weg

The film Schwarze Weg, Weiße Weg (Black Path, White Path) is a tale of two friends who, having fled Afghanistan, arrive together in Austria.

Phi – Horror Short Film

The short film entitled Phi was created in conjunction with a horror-themed project in school. The aim of Phi is to treat this topic differently than a classic horror film.

Youth Exchange Project

The Youth Exchange Project is a workshop that will be held in POSTCITY throughout the festival’s run together with groups of youngsters from other countries and the artist Joseph Herscher.

u19 Ceremony

The u19 Ceremony brings together all the prizewinners in this year’s u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD category of the Prix Ars Electronica. At this event, the spotlight is on the young people themselves. In a brief interview they get an opportunity to present their projects and also to communicate their enthusiasm.

Workshop with Young People from the BFI Upper Austria

The Ars Electronica Center has been collaborating with the BFI (Careers Advancement Institute) since spring 2017 to give youngsters the opportunity to work on projects in conjunction with the Ars Electronica Festival. The aim is to open up bright prospects for these young people and to strengthen their self-confidence as a solid foundation for their occupational future. In five sessions, the youngsters get support from experts in converting a remote-controlled model car into a self-driving car.

Kids Tour

For youngsters between the ages of 8 and 14, we offer special tours through POSTCITY, that venture far beyond the friendly confines of u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD, the festival for the next generation.