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Small Cities Forum at Ars Electronica 2017

FRI Sept. 8, 2017, 10:00 AM-1:00 PM, POSTCITY, Workshop Space

Credit: Robert Bauernhansl

The opportunities of art, design and creativity as driving forces for regional development

Pordenone Design Week (IT), Ars Electronica (AT)

When we talk about innovations, new technologies and cool gadgets we usually think of the big cities as the epicenter of the future. And of course there are many good reasons for this, after all it’s there where the elite universities are, the big companies and the investors. But what about the small cities and regions? Do they necessarily have to run behind? Can’t they become vital places for future innovations as well? Places where new ways of doing business in a much more sustainable way are being developed?

In particular when we look at Europe, a large part of our economy is based outside the capitals and, no matter what, we need to dig into this potential, we have to bring it up to speed and we have to recognize the power of the local communities and the small and medium-sized businesses. What role can art, design and creativity play and what support is needed to put this potential into effect?

The Small Cities Forum is an initiative by Pordenone Design Week and Ars Electronica Linz to promote the power of small cities and to provide a place for the exchange of experiences and best-practice models.