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Hybrid Sensorium

Credit: Saint Machine

Saint Machine (RO)

Hybrid Sensorium explores the way we sense our body within physical space and the sensory distortions caused both by mediating technology and direct contact. The artwork is placed in immediate physical contact with the visitor, both thus becoming vulnerable to emotional contamination.

A fabricated structure is superposed on the natural medium of the body, an artificial, permeable membrane that tries to condition our biological needs in an osmotic feeding ritual. The organism tests our willingness to cede personal physicality to a constructed environment, a suspended reality caused by a gap in the objective reality. You can interact with it by inserting your head through its orifice. The cavity responds to your breathing rhythm in real time, trying to adapt it to its needs, while the breathless visitor will enter a cycle of sensorial aberrations.


Author: Saint Machine (Marilena Oprescu Singer)
Collaboration: Reniform (animation), Mitoș Micleușanu (sound design), Răzvan Vasilache (programming)
Produced by Artmix
Supported by Romanian Cultural Institute, RKI Wien