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FM4 Spielekammerl live at Ars Electronica Festival

THU Sept. 7, 2017, 3:00 PM-7:00 PM, POSTCITY, u19 - CREATE YOUR WORLD

FM4 (AT)

Since March 2017 Radio FM4 has its own gaming show on The FM4 Spielekammerl-Show (“Spielekammerl” meaning a small, charming room for videogame pleasures). At Ars Electronica Festival, the FM4 games team will do its first ever shows outside of their Viennese headquarter.

According to this year’s focus on A.I. at Ars Electronica Festival, the FM4 Spielekammerl-Show will mostly play sci-fi games from different genres as well as titles from young developers coming out of the Prix Ars Electronica u19 competition. Also, the FM4 team will get their hands on “Minecraft” every day and would like to see people joining in and giving tips and hints. Come to FM4 Spielekammerl and play!