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Donau Augmented 360

Credit: Responsive Spaces

Netural GmbH (AT), Responsive Spaces GmbH (AT), Amago GmbH (AT), WGD Donau Oberösterreich Tourismus GmbH (AT)

People who travel have things to tell. Or accounts that can be experienced virtually.

Donau Augmented 360 was created by Netural (a digital agency), Responsive Spaces (a multimedia producer), Amago (a filmmaker) and WGD Donau Oberösterreich (an inbound tourism promoter). The assignment was to prepare tourist information for virtual-reality glasses so that it is a useful enhancement for analog travel impressions. For the prototypes, the Danube Basin was filmed from a bird’s-eye view with 360-degree cameras and the footage was supplemented with real-time information especially for tourists—i.e. points of interest, opening hours and recommendations of upcoming events.


Donau Augmented 360 is a project by Netural (Digital Agency), Responsive Spaces (Multimedia Production), Amago (Film) and WGD Donau Oberösterreich (Tourism Host).