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Lecture Stage

THU September 07. 2017, 12 PM - MON September 11. 2017, 05 PM

With every festival year the program for conferences and expert presentations is growing alongside the exhibition program, from the topic of “Media Art and the Art Market”, to the question of how cultures actually shape technology, up to education-relevant future topics or topics focusing on the intensive collaboration between scientists and artists.

Being the smaller sister of the big Conference Stage so to speak, the Lecture Stage will also be a hot spot for attending high-level panel discussions with top-class lecturers.

Thursday, September 07.

12 noon–12:45 PM Media Art and the Art Market II
New Methods and Formats: Elizabeth Markevitch (CH), Ashley L. Wong (CA/UK), Oren Moshe (IL)Conservation and Collecting: Anita Beckers (DE), Steve Fletcher (UK), Minuro Hatanaka (JP)
3:30 PM-7:15 PM Opening Symposium
3:30–5:30 PM Gluon Session
Hosts: Hans Ulrich Obrist (CH), Paul Dujardin (BR)
Chair: Gerfried Stocker (AT)
4:45–7:15 PM Opening Panel “How Cultures Shape Technology” *
Panelists: Maria Yablonina (RU), Mark Coeckelbergh (NL/AT), Zenbo Hidaka (JP), Shunji Yamanaka (JP)
Chair: Gerfried Stocker (AT)

Friday, September 08.

10 AM–2 PM A Series of Symposia: Perspectives of Political Education
This World Is My World—How much globalization can humankind stand?
Chair: Anita Reinbacher (AT)
3–6:00 PM Campus Educators Forum
Chair: Sabine Pollack (AT)

Saturday, September 09.

11 AM–12 noon Future Models for Transdisciplinary Education
Ars Electronica (AT) and Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane (AU)
Speakers: Lubi Thomas (AU), Prof. Peter Coaldrake (AU), Horst Hörtner (AT), Brendon Hammer (AU)
2–2:45 PM Crowd and Art
Book launch by Manuela Naveau (AT)
In conversation with UBERMORGEN
3–5 PM Future Emerging Arts & Technologies
Artists and Scientists Collaborating: What Works and What Not?—A Conversation
Moderation: Erich Prem (AT), Lucas Evers (NL)
With Evelina Domnitch(NL), Anna Dumitriu(UK), Dmitry Gelfand(NL/US), Spela Petric(SI), Miha Tursic(SI), Claudia Schnugg (AT), Ingeborg Reichle(D), Erich Prem(AT), Lucas Evers(NL)
5:30–6:30 PM FIS Workshop Wrap Up Panel
Chair: Kazuko Tanaka (JP)

Sunday, September 10.

12 noon–12:45 PM NTT InterCommunication Center 20th Anniversary Talk
Speakers: Minoru Hatanaka (JP), Junji Watanabe (JP), Emiko Ogawa (JP)
3–4 PM Ars Electronica Tokyo Initiative
Tokyo as a Laboratory for Art and Industry
Masaru Kitakaze (JP), Rikke Frisk (DK), Toshie Takahashi(JP), Ian Banerjee (IN/AT)
Chairs: Kazuko Tanaka (JP), Hideaki Ogawa (JP/AT)
5–6:30 PM FIS Final Presentations
Chair: Kazuko Tanaka (JP), Hideaki Ogawa (JP/AT)

Monday, September 11.

1–5 PM Music Summit
Perspectives for Young Musicians
Chair: Peter Tschmuck (AT)

* A ticket-only event.