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Selection of real-time neural-image transformations

Credit: Gene Kogan

Gene Kogan (US)

Over the past few years, machine-learning research has rapidly overtaken the field of computer vision with advanced techniques for real-time image processing, enabling many promising new applications.

This installation presents a collection of creative examples built from these techniques. The first is a mirror that recomposes its reflection in the style of iconic paintings. The second is an image filter that transforms its subject into the president of the United States, allowing them to impersonate his visage. The last installation allows a viewer to hand-draw a map and have it transformed into realistic satellite imagery that looks as though it came from the city of Linz. These works, taken together, ask a viewer to contemplate the consequences of technologies that allow us to take images of the real world and project a desired new reality onto them, and what happens when the authenticity of visual media can no longer be verified by a human.