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Credit: Mario Klingemann

Mario Klingemann (DE)

They say any two people in the world can be connected through friends of friends, just in a few steps. How about artworks? Using machine-learning techniques that analyze the visual features of artworks, X Degrees of Separation finds pathways between any two artifacts, connecting the two through a chain of artworks.

This network of connected artworks allows X Degrees of Separation to take us on the scenic route, where serendipity is waiting at every step: surprising connections, masterful works by unknown artists or the hidden beauty of mundane objects.

Google Arts & Culture ( brings cultural treasures of the world to the fingertips of the culturally curious people. It enables everyone to discover artworks in extraordinary detail and immerse themselves in cultural experiences and explore historic moments with cutting edge technology.


The X Degrees of Separation installation was commissioned by Google Arts & Culture (@googlearts) in Paris. Its online counterpart made in collaboration with Simon Doury, Fabien Viger and Gediminas Lilktaras can be found here: