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Credit: Solveig Settemsdal

Kathy Hinde (UK), Solveig Settemsdal (UK/NO)

Singularity is an audiovisual collaboration between the artists Solveig Settemsdal and Kathy Hinde. The concept of Singularity surrounds the readings of this term. A technological singularity: the point where artificial intelligence surpasses that of humans and continues to accelerate. A gravitational singularity: a theoretical point in space-time of infinite density. The emergence of a thought is imagined here in parallel to extreme gravitational phenomena.

A point appears in a perceived void. Slowly expanding, its articulation grows increasingly deliberate; lines are created, crossed and bisected until the form disappears again into a point.

In Singularity, Solveig Settemsdal explores a temporal and sculptural process of drawing in a fluid three-dimensional space by suspending white ink in cubes of gelatin. The concept of an expanding point is echoed in Kathy Hinde’s musical composition, where sounds evolve out of silence into clustered layers, drawing attention to the microscopic detail of the expanding abstract forms.


Commissioned by Goldfield Ensemble for the touring concert Ritual in Transfigured Time

Supported by Arts Council England, the Britten Pears Foundation, the RVW Trust and the Ambache Trust

Video: Solveig Settemsdal
Sound: Kathy Hinde
Camera: Milo Newman
Violin 1: Nicola Goldscheider;
Violin 2: Alexandra Reid;
Viola: Bridget Carey;
Cello: Sophie Harris;
Metal tines: Kate Romano

Recorded at OVADA Gallery, Oxford, September 2016 at the OCM event.