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Credit: Imagineering Institute

Adrian David Cheok (AU), Emma Yann Zhang (SG)

Kissenger is a haptic device for mobile phones designed for people to better express intimacy and emotion over the Internet through kissing. It aims to fill in the missing dimension of touch in traditional digital communication, which largely focuses on verbal and audio information.

The device transmits the touch sensations of kissing by measuring the lip pressure of the users and replicating this pressure through the movements of linear actuators. It has a lip-like sensing interface made of a soft and flexible rubber material that the user interacts with. An array of force sensors and linear actuators measures and generates real-time force feedback at various points on the user’s lips. The device is connected to a mobile phone, so that you can have a video call with your loved ones while using the device to send them a kiss.

With Kissenger, people can communicate deep emotions, and maintain physical intimacy and close relationships from any part of the world through the Internet.