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Chiara Cavalli, Martin Heuschober, Robert Klotzner, Hannes Kohlmann, Aristoteles Riedmann, Romana Roithner, Christian Simulak (AT)

Gonimo is the first free, web-based baby monitor that only needs a web browser to run. That’s right! No downloads, no installations. Just visit and start connecting your smartphones, tablets or laptops and transform them into baby monitors. The web-based solution makes the setup time extremely fast, leaving existing conventional solutions (hardware, apps, etc.) behind.

The family concept makes it possible to support multi-baby and multi-parent modes. This is a base feature which, so far, has not been a matter of course even among paid apps. Two or more family members can see the baby or babies (for example twins) independently. This makes Gonimo a useful tool at home, at relatives or away in a hotel.

Both safety and security are an integral part of Gonimo: the alarm sounds if the connection is lost, and peer-to-peer encryption guarantees your privacy. Cute illustrations and animations will let parents recognize that Gonimo is the right platform for their needs.

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