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THU Sept. 7, 2017, 9:00 PM-9:35 PM, POSTCITY Train Hall

Credit: Quanta Art Foundation

Vibert Thio (TW), Duanger Du (TW)

062720150832    484     15      44 %    18-29    ∞
These numbers represent an incident that shocked Taiwanese society—the Formosa Fun Coast explosion.

The incident happened at 8.32 pm. on June 27, 2015. Total injuries were 484 people, including 15 deaths, with 44 percent burns to their bodies. Most sadly, the victims were young people between the ages of 18 and 29. Many of the burns patients are still undergoing physical and psychological treatment.

Healing through Art and Technology

Through this project the artists aim to bring back a colorful future to young victims through music, art and technology. The patients can compose their own melodies using the application created by digital artists. The application not only interacts with Kinect technology but also engages in the process of rehabilitation.

Étude Showcase

Based on the users’ composing record, digital artists extracted melody patterns and generated music from algorithms by using live coding techniques, known as algorithmic rave. Digital artists performed as improvisers, creating live music and a party interacting with the audience. The showcase acts as a platform that documents how these music therapy sessions changed methods of rehabilitation and fine art.

Project mentor: Ali Hossaini
Digital artist of original work: Hsin Jen Wang (Aluan)
Performers of 2017: Shin-Chia Thio (Vibert Thio), I-Ang Du (Duanger Du)
Experiment executives: Bella Lee, Jonathan Wu
Experiment participant (burns victim): You Xuan Lin
Filming and editing: Mon Cher Ho, Jun Kai Lin

Advised by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of China
Presented by Quanta Arts Foundation, QA Ring and Ars Electronica
Sponsored by Quanta Computer