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Ars Electronica Nightline

FRI Sept. 8, 2017, 8 PM-4:00 AM, POSTCITY

Credit: Susanna Hofer

Ars Electronica (AT)

Linz reclaims its slot at the epicenter of contemporary electronic music as international acts and performers convene for the Ars Electronica Nightline.

POSTCITY Nightline

8:15 PM-8:35 PM I.M. FREE / SpectroDuo (PL/IR)
8:35 PM-9:30 PM Interface Cultures Sound Performances
9:40 PM-11:00 PM Koenig (AT)
11:10 PM-11:30 PM Battle-ax (AU)
11:40 PM-00:40 AM Dorian Concept (AT)
00:50 AM-01:35 AM Darkstar (UK)
01:45 AM-02:30 AM Lorenzo Senni (Warp, IT)

* Due to illness of the artist Throwing Shade (Ninja Tune, UK) we have slightly modified the timetable. We ask for your understanding!

POSTCITY Salon Stage hosted by Salon 2000

10 PM-10:36 PM Trans-reality, Bhoomesh Tak (AT)
10:45 PM-11:35 PM Morast (AT)
11:35 PM-11:55 PM The Liberation of the Feet: DEMAKING the
High Heeled Shoe for Theatrical Audio Visual
Expression, Alexandra Murray-Leslie (Chicks
on Speed) (AU), Krõõt Juurak (EE/AT)
12 noon-4 AM DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess

Getting the party started is Kœnig, the drum and vocals soloist who garnered fame in the Austrian neo-Dada project königleopold, with its intoxicating performance just skirting the edge of insanity. Battle-ax, a native of Australia who has made a home for herself in Vienna, opens the Main Stage with a loud, droning sound performance whipped up with viola and electronics. Spectro Duo’s live multimedia performance segues into the world of microsounds. Students in Linz Art University’s Interface Cultures master’s program once again confront various contexts of media art.

Photo: Paul Gärtner

Dorian Concept
Photo: Philippe Levy

Next up is Nabihah Iqbal aka Throwing Shade (Ninja Tune), who will perform her eclectic mixture of contemporary electronic music, pop and Internet aesthetic. Her local Ninja Tune colleague, Dorian Concept, then steps up to do a melodic, beat-heavy set featuring material from his soon-to-be-released album. He will be followed by Darkstar, Englishmen known for their energetic live performances and an inimitable mix of techno sounds, minimalism, grime and left-field pop. Lorenzo Senni, who got his start as a drummer but whose latest album on the Warp label is 100 percent percussion-free, concludes these proceedings on the Main Stage with melodic, driving trance set-pieces.

Lorenzo Senni

Throwing Shade
Photo: Miya Shen

The night owls among us will be happy to learn that, parallel to the Main Stage lineup, the Salon Stage will feature local Linzer live acts working in the experimental electronic music genre beginning at 11 p.m. At 1:30 a.m., legendary Dutch DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess serves up one of her fabled obscure-sample-studded sets—just the stuff for people who need to keep on dancing.


When a ray of white light enters a prism, it exits split into its constituent elements. Each resulting color’s unique character is brought out and demonstrated through its interaction with the prism, thanks to the qualities of the light, as an active element, and those of the prism, as the passive element.

The Liberation of the Feet

The Liberation of the Feet is a performance with fashionable sounding foot based appendages attempts to demake the physical high-heeled shoe and its associated stereotype meanings. An experimental taxonomy of motions is performed by the feet coupled with machine learning, FM sound synthesis, rapid mixing motion control, expressive lighting technology and pop attitude.